Monday, May 10, 2021

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With the recent announcement by @Jack, CEO of Twitter, to have the tech giant’s HQ Africa operations setup in Ghana (and the many re-ignited “Jollof wars” inspired by Ghanaians, Nigerians, Senegalese and not-so-unbiased commentary on social media), this week has been off to a flying start. For an “ecosystem builder” such as myself, it is welcome news that validates our individual and collective efforts on the African Continent.

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In our continuing pursuit of empowering economic opportunities within our communities, I have been impressed with the COLE (Council of Locale Experts) initiative, started by David Coleman (a self-professed passionate pan-African working and living in the Netherlands).

The COLE initiative has opened up applications from founders of early-stage African startups seeking feedback, advice, and investment for pitch practice at our Business Experts Roundtable on Clubhouse. Link here. As experts-in-residence, we are excited to usher the new wave of shared learning experiences for African-growth-led companies that become global.

Similarly, Homecoming Revolution’s Insights by Experts (InbyEx) program goes into full operational drive, after piloting one-on-one digitally-enabled consulting engagement on business advice with global companies and partners with the African ecosystem here. The on-demand business advice from African experts across a range of disciplines value proposition is an intriguing opportunity that I look forward to sharing more with our Unpacking Africa community in subsequent podcasts.

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My everyday passion for Africa’s Creative Economy has turned into a love-offering, Eliu Gift hub in Accra, Ghana, and beyond. This month’s flavoring of collaborative opportunities has me engaging with phenomenal communities in the fashion and beauty tech space this week.

On the incredibly popular social-audio application Club House, L’Oreal’s Odile Roujol, The Colors community Haweya Mohamed, Shea Yeleen’s Rahama Wright, and Glory Skincare’s Alisia M. Ford and I shall be having a conversation on FAB and Colors: a conversation with black founders here. With the opportunity to catch up on the conversation even after the CH broadcast on Fashion and Beauty Tech community here.

Yes, there are many business enterprises in light of the African Continent Free Trade Agreement and together we can collaboratively unpack opportunities for collaborative success.

My prayer is that this edition resonates in my own different enterprise journey from business and advisory, innovation to create fashion and beauty as the world churns itself slowly, but surely back to economic-activity-life.

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“You don’t have to choose between being either wholehearted, loving, kind, and soulful, or winning. You can do both, but the bridge you must cross is vulnerability.” Dr. Pippa Grange

Be well, be safe, be loved.

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