Thursday, April 2, 2020

Podcast: 'Rona virus & Me

2020 started with national lockdowns from AsiaEuropeAmericas to the African continent in response to the pandemic caused by the CoronaVirus or Covid-19, with global health structures struggling to cope and the disruption of transportation and hospitality industries while plummeting economies across the world into recession. 
How are you reacting to the virus in your community? Are there any learnings and lessons that may be scaled to other parts of the world? In which ways can we individually and collectively do better?

Podcast host E.A. Gamor explores health, education and logistics ecosystems that are fraying in the light of the pandemic with six suggested ways-to-improve after the virus is cured and its global effects managed; he speaks with young citizens from Bahrain, United States, Chile, Nigeria, Jamaica, Botswana, South Africa and Ethiopia and caps the episode off with remote work best practices - what teams and organization members can do - during the outbreak that has over a quarter of the world's entire population "social distancing" and being mandated to stay at home.

Episode contributors: Esraa Sabah (Manama, Bahrain 🇧🇭), John M. Montgomery II (Jersey City, USA 🇺🇸) Alejandra Salazar 🇵🇪 (Santiago, Chile), Ugo Chukwujiaka (Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬), Stephanie Hazle (Kingston, Jamaica 🇯🇲), Leonardo Nunes (Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱), Tsholo Angel Kopi (Gaborone, Botswana 🇧🇼), Aslam Levy (CapeTown, South Africa 🇿🇦), Kal Kassa (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 🇪🇹), Kim Ofori (Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱). 👏🏾 #MosquitoClaps
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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Remote Work during Covid-19 #CoronaVirus

FREE remote work consultation for your team, kindly fill out the form so we understand your needs and assist you during this time here.
World Economic Forum HQ, Geneva Switzerland, 2019 - Emmanuel A. Gamor

More info:
WHAT: Thanks to the advent of Covid-19 or Coronavirus, numerous governments and organizations have mandated a new playbook in our lives which will require us to work remotely.
All businesses, including SME's, NGO's and functional groups need to communicate seamlessly with team members who will not physically see each other for weeks to months. Starting off with many FREE platforms that require sign-up and on-boarding we aim to get you and your team going immediately to mitigate productivity lapses during this time. #Covid19 #Coronavirus
WHO: I am digital professional and social entrepreneur that has worked remotely and collaboratively with local, regional, multi-national partners across the global for over a decade. From collaborative platforms for sharing, work-stream flow and execution strategy even for non-profits and social enterprises. #RemoteWork #Digital #Online LinkedIn(projects listings), here.
Ghana Tech Summit 2019, Accra - Emmanuel Gamor
WHY: Honestly I don't know how to not be pro-active and jump in in any way to pitch-in to challenges and community challenges with my resources, in-kind contribution and lately with skills I have honed and mastered.
In as much as I have engaged, lectured and participated in many face-to-face courses and events, I have also curated online Digital Expertise and learning modules with the University of Stellenbosch Exec-Ed (more soon) and also engage with most of you, you guessed it online! When you read this, you may kindly share the Google Form link
JOIN: Others with skills who are willing and able to share to the folks who request assistance, kindly email let's get it.
49th Annual Meeting, Davos-Klosters,  Switzerland WEF 2019 - Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor
Slide deck for more information below:

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Weekend Dawn | AU Passport & Africa Travel

NewzRoom Afrika (DSTV 405) ⠀
✊🏾Speaking on AU passport and a united 🌍 front @4irAfrica_ #AfricaWeWant #Agenda2063⠀

I share the importance of a conducive environment for education-to-business-to-innovation paradigm for tertiary education & indigenous business capacity transfer goals. The Single Africa Air Transport Market (SAATM) & The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) ahead of Agenda 2063. #4IRAfrica ⠀
⭐️ Does this resonate with you?⠀
⭐️ Are you abreast with sweeping African Union policy changes continent-wide?⠀
⭐️ Are you aligned get that 💰 bag on potential economic opportunities we all must create, together? ⠀

Let’s get it,
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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Where would you [like to] land?

From an old friend and very familiar voice:

From an old friend and very familiar voice: "...the official had no plan, no guide. People in the world are more angry than we know. The solution is not to help them calm down; the solution is to RETHINK POWER. Change is going to come, it is inevitable. The relevant questions are: ⭐️ Will it be peaceful? ⭐️ Will it happen in our life time? ⭐️ Will we all look back and say we each did something to bring positive change at home, or some place we care about? ...based on where you land (as a descendant on planet earth as it spins) you will have more or less power to determine your own future. Where would you land?" Yemi Babington-Ashaye #WorldWeShape
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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Future Nations School - Mock WEF Presentation

#EachOneReachOne 🙏🏾 Thank you Future Nations School + S’onqoba Vuba for the invitation to watch, learn from and share feedback to the amazing kids of the future’s mock WEF presentations over the weekend.⠀

The confidence. The articulation. The audacity of hope for our future ✨ ⠀

My heart is full. ❤️ #GamorLegacy


In boarding school at Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, Legon, we grew up reading famous quotes of luminaries vandalizing our class and boarding room buildings 🤫; from Socrates to Nelson Mandela, Wangari Mathaai to Alan Turing. Understandably, most of them we would never get to interact with personally.

In college at University of Florida, a group of us after a Martin Luther King weekend diversity and inclusion retreat: Gatorship, in our accountability circle went round and articulated, dreamt + aspired to leave long-lasting impactful legacies we would not necessarily be remember for.

Mine? To be the conduit for validating the experiences and audaciousness of young people regardless of who we are or where on the African continent we are from. ✊🏾
⭐️ We all look up to folks to be mentors
⭐️ Most often we forget we are the ones someone, somewhere also looks up to
⭐️ What are YOU doing to be the salt and light of your corner?

Each one, reach one. #Urithi
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