Tuesday, March 30, 2021


At the sidelines of the last World Economic Forum on Africa in 2019 B.C. (Before Coronavirus), my good friend and newly appointed Heavy Chef Foundation chair, Lukhanyo Neer introduced me to Fred Roed & the crew. This multi-stakeholder dialogue and the months-prior Davos conference on “Achieving a Single African Market” affirmed my establishing of the research and management consulting firm, Unpacking Africa 4.0 #WEF #AfricaWeWant

Thabo Mbeki Foundation & Heavy Chef 4th Industrial Revolution in Education report launch & panel discussion

Thabo Mbeki Foundation & Heavy Chef 4th Industrial Revolution in Education report launch & panel discussion

My Chumy, Lukha convinced me to moderate a Thabo Mbeki Foundation curated phenomenal panel around education and the 4th Industrial Revolution (South Africa’s context) as part of a reflective report his team and my edu Kanea co-founder, Zinhle Mkhabela authored. #Education #Kanea #4IR #AfricaWeWant #DSYInspireSessions

H.E. Thabo Mbeki, ministers, dignitaries, panelists, and Heavy Chef guests. #DSYInspireSeries

Fast-forward to an exploratory partnership between Heavy Chef x Unpacking Africa podcast during Covid-19 imposed lockdown now 2020; moderating conversations with former president H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo on the promise of industrialized agriculture at-scale in Africa, Brenthurt Foundation’s Prof. Greg Mills lessons learned from his book The Asian Aspiration to engagement with pre-billion-dollar-valuation of GB Agboola’s Flutterwave, futurists Dion Chang & the erudite Brownyn Williams on what is next in tech & beyond; and other phenomenal guests. #UnpackingAfrica #HeavyChef

Heavy Chef recipe loading…#CollaborativeSuccess

Over this weekend, it has been a privilege to honor Heavy Chef’s invitation to share my recipe on a professional (and in some ways personal) life-hack on fostering, engaging with, and participating in relevant “Communities.” 

May you find communities that support you.

May you engage with communities that validate you.

May you be enamored by communities that embrace you.

May you be vulnerable to find communities that challenge you.

Ultimately, may you be open to the unexpected opportunities that local, regional and international communities avail to you.

If you are looking to plug into a leading community of entrepreneurs from South Africa to the world, check out my peoples www.heavychef.com and our recipes. #Community #EliuGift #TeachGamor #GamorLegacy

#ShamelessPlug Do join our KukuZafest Podcasters community to amplify voices through podcasting here.

“Your work is your own private megaphone to tell the world what you believe.” - Simon Sinek

Be well, be safe, be loved.

Originally published to Unpacking Africa newsletter’s 15,000 + subscribers on March 30, 2021.


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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Now What?

One of the impactful lessons I picked up during my time teaching Entrepreneurial Leadership at ALU in Mauritius, was the constant need to foster a growth mindset. The intentional ability to keep dreaming and the consistent effort in bringing these dreams to life!

You could briefly join me in today’s exercise on exploring your own moment of having a growth mindset. If you may kindly take a quick moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow your mind to settle. Then, respond privately or aloud to this prompt:

In the absence of all that is happening and all my responsibilities, and limitless resources, what is the one thing I can dream up and create, today? Something audaciously impactful, and rewardingly personal.

You should write your answer down and refer to it often, creating little achievable tasks to achieve your and let’s reconvene on your progress. I’ll be happy to be your accountability buddy.

My dreams are most often times dipped in culture, expressed in melodies, colored in curated experiences, and only tempered by the need to wake up, eventually. This year, I have the privilege of joining Andani.Africa and the University of Johannesburg to exploring “Futures & Beyond” 2-day summit Where Creatives and 4IR meet on the 16th & 17th of March. I am giddy to share on Culture, Creative Arts, Connectivity & Commerce with further details here.

Andani.Africa x UJ Arts & Culture (FADA)

If the intersection of re-imagine Africa’s contributions to digital and the appreciation of our cultural heritage through the digital arts is your jam as much as mine, then it would be an honor to have you join us!

“Connecting the dots: Culture, Creative Arts, Connectivity & Commerce.” E. A. Gamor

Besides the Unpacking Africa lens, I shall be engaging our audience on the untapped, underexploited economic and innovation opportunity that exists in our creative manufacturing and artisanal spaces; while sharing the relevance of Africa’s poignant contributions that have recently taken space on digital entertainment consumption during the pandemic with Beyonce’s Black is King, Apple’s Prince G iPhone photography campaign, Netflix’s Bridgerton, Afrobeats, and provocative colorful design.

In spite of the challenges we have all had to face this and last year, I have also allowed my dreams to permeate my reality, and have taken on earnest the opportunity to assist our creative manufacturing and hand-made products sector more intentionally with my skills, network, and resources. More on my theory of change with the Eliu Gift Hub here:

My dream and earnest hope are that with this love-offering of curating cultural communities that create bridges in dismantling challenges in commerce from Africa to the world, we are able to unearth even more talents that express the gift of giving.

In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, a trans-generational icon and barrier-shattering-artist, Stevie Wonder matter-of-factly shared “I wanna see this nation smile again; and I want to see it before I move to Ghana because I’m going to do that.” urged on by Oprah he also shared “I don’t want to see my children’s children’s children have to say, ‘Oh please’, like me. ‘Please respect me, please know that I am important, please value me.’ What is that?” Link to the full interview for context here.

In my lived experience, my culture has always valued me, it has shielded me, it has protected me especially in spaces that have been contentious and unappreciative. And as I continue to future-cast the world I also want my children to thrive and succeed in; I cannot dream up of a better way than to connect our dots in cultural heritage as we negotiate our place in a more equitable world. Join us.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” Carl Gustav Jung

Be well, be safe, be loved.

Originally published to Unpacking Africa newsletter’s 15,000 + subscribers on March 03, 2021.
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Monday, February 1, 2021

A New Leaf

 New resolutions and the euphoria of a new year notwithstanding, 2021 has started off feeling like the B-side of a 2020-mixtape. 

The advent of a new strain of the COVID-19 virus, insurrection in the United States of America, and a continuing global economic crunch. And yet, there is hope. Hope when and finality to writing two thousand and twenty-one, that triggers a mental indication that we individually and collectively have the opportunity to turn a new leaf.

Amanda Gorman photo credit: USA Today

Of the press releases, news updates, and tweets during President Joe Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris’ inauguration, the quote that resonates with me was shared byThe Youngest Inaugural Poet in US History, Amanda Gorman: “There is always light if only we are brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

I’m walking into 2021 and I am claiming it, my eyes are wide open because my year is going to be lit!

By employing this energy as a personal mantra I am looking forward to framing the conversation I have with Heavy Chef’s January 2021 Event: The Futurists 2021 - What the Hell Just Happened? And What Now? with Bronwyn Williams & Dion Chang. Deets here.

As a moderator fostering this discussion, there are three buckets I am keen to share insights on, namely: health vulnerabilities - the Coronavirus pandemic; leadership disappointment: the global response to disseminating information, managing a shared crisis, and charting a clear, equitable vaccine distribution path moving forward; & economic challenges - the whittling down of opportunities and fractured world of work with millions of young people struggling to find jobs after years-investment of education/skills acquisition

Heavy Chef’s January 2021 Event: The Futurists 2021 — What the Hell Just Happened? And What Now?

Most critically, with Bronwyn and Dion, we shall explore our what now? moment. Personally, the emphasis is on community empowerment. Our communities are the foundations of our local industries as well as our national and international modes of commerce. During these challenging times with border closures to mitigate the virus; we need to ever more present, ever more community-focused, and up-lifting. After all, none of us can escape where we find ourselves at home; work, school, and other activities are all done from our homes, in our communities.

If there is a time to give, of our time, our talents and resources to those close to us (literally, in our communities), it is now. Eliu - God is here I interpret is unconditional love is here situates our actions, establishes our need for presence, and as I build on the idea of Eliu Gift Hub and practice. A rallying call for artisans, confectionary makers, and creatives to participate in the global economy, digitally and benefit from the ratification of the AfCFTA/continental trade agreement.

I’m excited to transition research, discussion, and empathetic listening into a real-life community-focused Africa to the world innovation process with the gift hub. Join here to participate.

Be well, be safe, be brave, be loved.

p.s. We are hiring! Research Assistant and Programs and Content Assistant - candidates should send their resumes to eagamor@4irAfrica.co

p.s.s. We (Google Podcast Creator’s program advisors) are purposefully building convergent opportunities, I am starting with the KukuZafest Podcasters Festival in 2021 to create alignment with a changing traditional to the digital broadcasting ecosystem. We hope that these efforts empower even more (sometimes marginalized) voices for positive impact.

Originally published to Unpacking Africa newsletter’s 15,000 + subscribers on Jan 26, 2021.
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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Facebook Community Manager Certification Program - Emmanuel Gamor


#MosquitoClaps I started community managing as a teenager by helping Mama
with The
Call of Esther Ministries
’ Christmas parties for youth in our Alexandria, Virginia community; packaging hundreds of Christmas gifts 🎁 through the season, annually🎄
I went on to preside over numerous and diverse organizations in college; eventually becoming Campus Involvement Director for our over 50,000 community members at the
University of Florida
: Go Gators 🐊
✨ In my professional & volunteer life, I have always brought my community engagement passions to the fore.
Firstly, laying the professional blueprint for
Y 107.9 FM Ghana
’s online fan base #YArmy in creating a viable business case for ongoing success, then
Content Creator’s Huddles at
Impact Hub Accra
Apprentice Network Program
and, capping my joyous 7-year curation with our
Global Shapers
community from Accra 🇬🇭 to Abuja 🇳🇬 to Port Louis 🇲🇺 to Addis Ababa 🇪🇹 to Geneva 🇨🇭 to Johannesburg 🇿🇦 to the world 🌍 #WorldWeShape
It is an honor to help
in shaping the Facebook Certified Community Manager Program along with other phenomenal community leaders.

Facebook Community Summit - Sub-Saharan Africa, Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor
Facebook Community Summit - Sub-Saharan Africa, Speaker: Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor, The Future of Communities #FCS2020

I'm glad to see the ‘Book’s platform creating more opportunities for its users. This certification recognizes and measures comprehension and strategic application of best practices and standards for online community management.

Facebook Certified Community Managers - Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor
Facebook Certified Community Managers Program

I’m doubly excited that our founding cohort, a little over a hundred amazing community managers across the world, are officially Facebook Certified Community Managers. #GamorLegacy
To learn more about Facebook Blueprint certification check it out here.
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Friday, September 18, 2020

Community Champions

 Rotary & ending Polio

September has always been a fascinating month in my personal life as it represents the four weeks where I celebrate the birthdays of my loved-ones the most! Birth dates of my grandfather to both my parents: mom, dad; my young sister, and loved ones, the list keeps growing… September turns out to be a great month for me to keep giving, so here goes:

source: www.rotary.org

At the community level, an organization I am deeply passionate about (spending the better part of the last decade volunteering with), Rotary is seeking the complete eradication of a disabling and life-threatening disease, polio. Ahead of World Polio Day, I have volunteered with the District 9400 Polio Plus Committee and the Rotary Club of Johannesburg to amplify the work that Rotarians on the African continent are doing to end the disease through various forms of vaccinations.

source: www.endpolio.org

In development work, building empathy is an incredibly challenging task. With the global drive to find a vaccine for COVID19, however, we find some common ground in fighting misinformation, appreciate advances in medical innovation, and drive the welfare for our and future generations with impactful next steps. We all can better imagine and empathize with dilapidating disease and the urgent need for collective action on preventable yet dangerous diseases. Polio Plus and the initial fight on infectious diseases such as Ebola helped with interventions such as contact-tracing and emergency responses in many a region in my Africa. There is more to be done, still.

source: www.endpolio.org

My asks are for you to join us for Zumba to have fun with some of the most empathetically kind and fun people I know and yes, raising funds for the cause in permanently keeping polio eradicated. #KeepPolioZero

Lastly, if you know of survivors who would like to share their stories with us, I shall be hosting Zoom interviews to help create awareness on behalf of our Rotary district campaign.

source: facebook.com/EndPolio RC JHB

Be well, be safe, be loved.

p.s. Amplifying voices: If you know of podcasters looking to learn, share tips and tricks, and amplifying African voices, we curate an amazing group that shares resources, hosts guest speakers, and supports with podcast engagement here. Podcasters Unite!

If you have recommendations for my next Unpacking Africa podcast guest, do fill this brief form here.

p.s.s. Recipe on Finance: Register for my conversation with Flutterwave’s Olugbenga GB Agboola and Payfast’s Jonathan Smit with our friends and collaborating partners at Heavy Chef. Tickets here. Note: Business owners get 60% off, use the promo code DATAPROMO. Students get 100% off, use the promo code DATAFREE.

Originally published to Unpacking Africa newsletter’s 15,000 + subscribers on September 17, 2021.
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