Saturday, July 4, 2015

The World Economic Forum on Africa 2015 #AccraFloods

Early last month 79 Global Shapers community members from across Africa and I were invited to the +World Economic Forum  on Africa in CapeTown, South Africa June 3rd - June 5th, 2015. Besides it being an all-expenses paid trip to a country I hadn't been before, it was an opportunity to learn, engage and participate on my first panel on "Digital Revolution" at the Forum on Africa. My +Global Shapers Accra Hub colleague +Kow Essuman and I presented a day-by-day report here.

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Emmanuel Gamor (with) Top Left: Jacqueline Musiitwa, Bright Simons Bottom left: Ashish Thakkar & Biola Alabi
Private Session Global Shapers with Prof. Schwab, Emmanuel Gamor and Global Shapers
Thinking Ahead: "How will Africa’s countries bridge data gaps to achieve the sustainable development goals?"
Moderator: Clare Akamanzi Panelists: Jamie Drummond, Daniella Ballou-Aares Helen Hai, Dr. Ernest Darkoh and Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor 

BBC Focus on Africa feature: Emmanuel Gamor, Global Shaper, WEF

I arrived in CapeTown, Southern Sun Waterfront Hotel a few days before the conference and left for Johannesburg the following weekend to catch the DSTV Food Show featuring Chaka Khan #ThroughTheFire #DancedTheNightAway

Reconnected with old friends & made new ones

Pictures of my escapades on the new Google Photos here. #ExcuseToTryANewGoogleFeature

Sadly, the #AccraFloods happened while I was away but enough to affect me while I was speaking on the "Data Revolution" on the continent and what is needed.

Deeper:  While in CapeTown, I was sent pictures of the devastation that ensued after the Accra Floods. I also came back to a flooded home and flooded car: pictures on IG here. I am usually honest with family & very close friends, but the psychological and financial shake-up lingers on in my life & it has been almost month later. I am one of the lucky ones. Our city & its folk (especially on the bottom tier of the economic ladder) are victims to this and other needless & preventable tragedies almost annually. There MUST be a better way. I'm determined to help find it. #AccraLabs #UrithiLabs +Urithi Media