Monday, April 26, 2010

From Ghana too, with love!

Donna Brazile & Chip

Last Friday night, I got hopelessly lost on foot by 8th N.E. and Connecticut in DC. I was on my way to an Africare colleague's birthday party.

Fuming and cursing myself for having the knack for wandering around in unfamiliar neighborhoods, even with Google maps on my phone...I suddenly realized I was walking side by side with a TV personality. Stuttering and gladly holding myself in check... I quickly introduce myself while instinctively reaching my back-pack for the D80.

Here I am with Donna Brazile, a friend and her dog Chip - who happens to love posing for my camera- and I start my schpeel about working with Africare ('cos of my t-shirt), being from Ghana and to my amazement Donna shares how 'Ghanaian' she is and how she loves my country! She recounts here visits to Aburi and is gracious enough in allowing me to photograph her and Chip for a blog post.

Now, I look forward to hearing her counter-argue conservative points on CNN, all the while remembering her parting words "...I'm from Ghana too."

me & Donna Brazile


  1. A nice read, Emmanuel. If you had checked the route, you might have missed out on such a meet.

  2. Thanks Teddy, if me getting lost leads to such worthwhile encounters, I may never get to my destinations on time again!

  3. Sweet encounter! When did that happen?

  4. This is such an awesome post. Love it. I'm friends with Ruby (KUA) and saw the pics you took during her DC event on facebook. Good job! love the pcitures. anyway, I love photography and i'm new to the "blogging" world so feel free to drop by and check out my page at I'll add you to my "following".

  5. You're amazing Davida, looking forward to more of your photography adventures in the very near future!