Thursday, October 24, 2019

Africa Continental Free Trade Agreeement

AfricaWeWant The devil is always in the details & getting it right.

In an article submission to iAfrikan Heather Mavunga explores the AfCFTA - Africa Continental Free Trade Area pros & challenges as the agreements has been ratified by 20+ states to date.

"Negotiating the detailed agreement timeously between nations is critical to ensure a development-oriented, balanced, comprehensive and modern agreement that can foster structural transformation at a granular state level, create jobs across regional economic communities whilst simultaneously reducing poverty. Emmanuel Gamor, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and owner of education consulting group Kanea believes that in keeping with multilateral norms of negotiation, “special-interest technical negotiating groups” may help speed up the overall negotiation."

I had a chance to share the need for multi-stake holder engagement on this relevant agreement: with youthful voices, innovative practices and insight woefully missing from top level engagement on all-fronts. #BetterMustCome

Insightful, nuanced article by Heather Tinotenda Mavunga on AfCFTA