Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Samsung Galaxy A5 - Competing with the iPhone

It is always a super cool feeling to review a new phone before it hits the markets/shelves. Though I've owned other smartphone models, Samsung has been impressing me with their latest line of Galaxy devices.
Last November I tried my hands at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and was duly impressed, the super AMOLED display and Android OS (which has come pretty far since I switched to iOS) was a pleasant surprise. The stylus was incredibly responsive...wider screen....connection to wearable gear.... but this post is about the new Samsung Galaxy A5. Let me not get ahead of myself.

First thing that I noticed on the A5 was the metallic outer casing and the rounded edges. Surprisingly, the Galaxy A5 is way lighter than my iPhone 5c and quite noticeably so.

Holding the camera at the launch in Accra on January 30th, 2015.

The phone is incredibly fast and comes with 16GB of memory (2GB RAM) and an opportunity for you to upgrade to as much as you would like/can afford on an SD card...not bad, especially if you want to push movies, photos or music via Samsung's AllShare Play feature to a Samsung TV ( I own a ChromeCast so I get to push YouTube and a few others apps from my mobile devices as well).

As a photographer though, I honed in quickly on the picture taking features on the phone. If you are a stats feign this is what you'll get with the Samsung Galaxy A5:

  • CMOS 13 MegaPixels for the primary (back) camera
  • Geo-tagging (so you can let friends know of pictures taken in Korle-Gonno)
  • Touch face, face detection & panorama (even more k3ch3)
  • 1080p @30fps for video...charley in 1998 could phones do this...lemme check Google real quick and get back to you.

Alright so my favorite photo feature on this 50 inch screen device has to do with selfies. I take selfies all the time, see here. And with the selfie-stick craze...yes selfie-stick is a thing...the ability to take pictures by only showing your palm to the camera tickled the day light out of me; closing the deal for the Samsung A5 as a must have phone in my arsenal. With all the bells and whistles of a metallic casing, light-weight device run on Google Android's KitKat (yummie!) a perk like automated selfie was a welcome bonus.

The launch at the new Samsung office at Stanbic Heights was fun and friends caught on to my favorite feature

Samsung official demonstrating to the press at the launch


My friend and YFM co-worker Caroline Sampson was fascinated on Sunday when I showed her the phone after church.

Got it right after a few tries #PalmSelfies with YFM's Caroline Sampson

The phone's estimated retail value is 1,500 ghs and at that price point, (my first monthly salary in Ghana for perspective at what most consider here to be a good job) the phone isn't cheap.

In conclusion though the Galaxy A5 is a fun, light weight smartphone that I can use to impress all the beautiful ladies. #A5lifestyle

Deeper* is my 2015 resolution to dig deeper into conversations, reviews and sentiments I share on-air or online. 


  1. Wonderfully impressive review (for an Android device). Almost made me interested in buying one --for my significant other, potentially... ;)

    posted from my iPhone 6+

  2. Thanks Coco! Sounds like you AND the significant other will have plenty to smile for/about soon. #A5Lifestyle Warm regards!