Monday, November 10, 2014

Note 4, The Samsung Galaxy Way

Samsung out-doored the Note 4 in a grand fashion with a week of activities at the Accra mall. I got to host & engage with developers on day 4!


Participants from MEST, other developers

The homeboy//thorn-in-the-flesh Donald Ward put on the activation

Co-MC YFM family/team member Caroline Sampson

The Note 4 is the first Android device after my first iPhone (5c) that I've actually coveted...besides the Amoled display, the S-Pen was actually a joy to play with. Finally note taking on an electronic device was fun and productive. The price point for the Note 4 though...let's just hope the good folks at YFM give that early Christmas bonus.

On day 6 I stopped by to support with the Selfie Competition and ended up winning a Vodafone Mp3 Player. At least I'm getting a head start on the Christmas spirit. #GamorLegacy