Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Google Reach Global - Living, Learning & Sharing with Love

Google REACH is a three-week intensive program aimed at bringing together innovators, developers, and entrepreneurs with mentors from Google to forge lasting relationships and turn ideas into reality. This year, for HuddleGH - YouTube workshops and consultations, three awesome Googlers +Gaurav Bhogale+Christina Beveridge & +Ellen Eby spent 3 weeks with me in Accra as REACHstars! Highlights below:

Week 1:

On our way to our first school session at National Film & Television institute (NAFTI)

Attentive students: future filmmakers and media journalists

Always time for a selfie, yep E. A. Gamor - YouTube
Week 2:

Did you know University of Ghana - Legon has gone Google!
Christina Beveridge explaining advertising models on YT

Gaurav Bhogale before his famous ice-breaker "Big Bird Little Bird"

Excited to teach at University of Ghana - Legon

Week 3:

Presenting to a rapt audience at IPMC College of Technology

Do you YouTube? Why not? It is FREE!

Huddles +iSpace Foundation

New big screen +iSpace Foundation just for YouTube videos

Ellen Eby engaging with HuddleGH participants at iSpace Foundation, Osu

HuddleGH YouTube Community 2014

In-between & after all the work we found time to eat, fellowship ("chillop") and we picked up some awards!
Buka - guess who is eating what....

Halloween in Accra!

West Hills Mall Opening #REACHstars

West Hills mall - largest in West Africa
Look who picked up two Google Reach Global Awards - Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor #GamorLegacy


Monday, November 17, 2014

#AccraDiscourse November - Success in Local Enterprise

How do Ghanaian entrepreneurs thrive and achieve phenomenal success in Ghana? Secrets from a riveting personality on-air and in person.

Arguably, Ghana's Most Influential Broadcaster, Dr. Abeiku "Santana" Aggrey is our Personality for November's Accra Discourse. Catch up on the tweets and "secrets to local enterprise success". The Accra Discourse, is an initiative of the Global Shapers Accra Hub, a community of the World Economic Forum.

Abeiku elaborating on a point

Accra Discourse - November audience
More Pictures here:

Follow the conversation on Twitter here:


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mentorship - My Pledge to Give Back

Everyone has a role model, someone they look up to and want to emulate. We all had several growing up, then as life hit we started to be a bit more selective (and conservative) on our big dreams and aspirations. Some do, but many realize that by overcoming our individual challenges, in whatever small corner, we in turn are role models for those coming up: a North Star for the younger generation to learn from.

Thanks to Ghana Think Foundation's Junior Camp event, classmates and I had the opportunity to go back to Presec - Legon and engage with the young men who will fill our shoes and do better someday, very soon. #GamorLegacy
Mrs. Acheampong, school mother to many & my biggest role model

My session on everything multimedia and online engagement

"Don't worry so much about your major; just start finding solutions to problems and you will be fine!"

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Find the person there and how they got where you want to be.

You can achieve any dream, with hard work, dedication and perseverance

Classmates, Seniors and Friends

Goase with the famous Mama Tess, she's STILL cooking for kids!

Boys 2 Men who break bread together #Memories #BlueMagic

Clerk House (2) repping hard. House Captain Justice

In Thy Light, We Shall See Light


Monday, November 10, 2014

Note 4, The Samsung Galaxy Way

Samsung out-doored the Note 4 in a grand fashion with a week of activities at the Accra mall. I got to host & engage with developers on day 4!


Participants from MEST, other developers

The homeboy//thorn-in-the-flesh Donald Ward put on the activation

Co-MC YFM family/team member Caroline Sampson

The Note 4 is the first Android device after my first iPhone (5c) that I've actually coveted...besides the Amoled display, the S-Pen was actually a joy to play with. Finally note taking on an electronic device was fun and productive. The price point for the Note 4 though...let's just hope the good folks at YFM give that early Christmas bonus.

On day 6 I stopped by to support with the Selfie Competition and ended up winning a Vodafone Mp3 Player. At least I'm getting a head start on the Christmas spirit. #GamorLegacy


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola: Global Handwashing Day #LifebuoyGHD

Today marks Global Handwashing Day and the emphasis on hygiene could not be more pronounced. Accra struggled with a Cholera outbreak  - that had patients being turned away from Korle-Bu teaching hospital - that has thankfully been put in check. Sadly Ebola’s been spreading across West Africa and beyond with a 2nd reported case, a nurse, contracting the virus in the United States.

Last Sunday on the Mpwr Show on Y 107.9 FM we highlighted one of the ways of preventing oneself from infection, amongst others, was washing one’s hands regularly, with special emphasis on drying our hands on clean towels or disposable tissue paper. Full list of  all Ebola preventative measures, here.

Unilever and LifeBuoy’s campaign is promoting general hygiene, washing of hands and helping a child reach 5 years in parts of the world. #helpachildreach5 #LifebuoyGHD

Video campaign below:

The #LifeBuoyGHD message is simple, let’s promote better hygiene habits especially among children and our world will be safer & healthier because of it. Handwashing fact sheet, here.

Every year 1.7 million children under the age of 5 die of infections like diarrhea and pneumonia.

This #GlobalHandwashingDay I pledge to #HelpAChildReach5 by teaching kids the importance of handwashing w/ soap! Join here.

E. A. Gamor Lifebuoy from Koala Shopping Mart, Accra

I picked up a bar of soap from my local grocery, have you gotten yours? #helpachildreach5 #LifebuoyGHD


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rotary: ROCA's Cervical Cancer Awareness & Screening

I have been moonlighting as the online engagement lead for the Cervical Cancer Awareness and Screening campaign drive by the Rotaract Club of Adentan. The main aim of the drive is to get as many young women (usually in early 20 somethings to 45, who are sexually active) screened and to create general awareness about cervical cancer.

Photo credit: Walter Ekoue Adamah

An innovative idea we had was to get as many Rotary & Rotaract members as engaged fund-raisers for the cause so they update their Facebook & Whatsapp profiles accordingly. For each target amount of money raised,  each participant becomes a Captain, Champion or Ambassador. In the first month we've been able to  6,500 + Cedis from this campaign. It is truly amazing what innovation coupled with a good cause can achieve.

50 ghs + donation or money raised 
200+ ghs donated or raised
500+ ghs donated or raised

Kudos to the committee & team that continues to drive this initiative on through December! +Efua Armstrong+Nii Aryee Otoo, Michael Dzreh, Stephanie Owusu Darku, #RaiseASkirt #CervicalCancer

A big shout out to +Nii Aryee Otoo for taking the pictures with my camera #teamworkdreamwork. More posts on my Rotary/Rotaract experience here.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Castro Alive in Sarkodie's "Special Someone" video featuring Burna Boy & South Africa's Aka

I get to positively surf the internet, especially YouTube for work and the daily. My new Chrome-cast device, a gift from a fellow Googler + Surfline (Ghana's 1st 4G LTE internet), also enables me watch videos on a large screen at my leisure.

I'm biased towards impressive Ghanaian music videos and lately, Sarkodie doesn't disappoint.

His track "Special Someone" produced by fellow Ɔdadeɛ Jayso & features one of my favorite Nigerian artist Burna Boy (see post about why Burna's my homeboy, here), and South Africa's latest hip-hop phenom Aka.

While watching the video though, I noticed prolific Ghanaian musician and hiplife artists Castro's cameo which led me to believe that this video was shot much earlier this year, or conspiracy theorists remarks that Castro isn't dead *side eye* . As much as I'd want him alive too, what would he have been doing all this while then? So many questions, so few answers.

For all things YouTube though (see what I did there), check out the HuddleGH YouTube online community I curate, here. If you are able to come through to the YouTube Huddles at iSpace on Thursdays, let us know

Whistling to Sark's "Special Someone" as I exist stage left.


Friday, October 10, 2014

#AccraDiscourse October - Accra's Cultural Position in Africa

Monday October 6th, 2014 was a public holiday in Ghana in honor of Eid Al-Adha. Thus, October's Accra Discourse was a Twitter Debate #AccraDiscourse with hub members: Deborah Ahenkora(@missahenkorah), Donald Ward(@donaldwardgh) & Regina Agyare(@ragyare) leading the discussion.

If you're visiting my blog for the first time, the Accra Discourse is a monthly conversation and networking event where passionate voices in Ghana connect with key drivers within sectors of leadership, business and development to have conversations that contribute to shaping the future of Ghana. The Accra Discourse, is an initiative of the Global Shapers Accra Hub, a community of the World Economic Forum. Posts and pictures from previous Accra Discourses here.

See below if you can find one of my tweets. #BlackStarsWithoutBoots #AccraBoy


Monday, September 29, 2014

#AccraDiscourse September - Adding Value to a Struggling Education Sector

I am a proud product of Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, one of the top secondary schools in West Africa. After that, there's very little else I'm proud of in the current Ghanaian education sector.

Let's take one metric, of course not the be all end all, but passing the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results are a requirement for admission into tertiary institutions/colleges/universities.

Of all the students who took the 2013 WASSCE exam: "...68, 062 students of the 242, 162 candidates had grades between A1-C6 in at least 6 subjects (including English & core Mathematics which are requirements for admission into tertiary institutions)."

 That's only 28.11% of students who sat for the exams passed. Not excelled people, (C's included) passed. That's a failing grade however you look at it.

At this month's Accra Discourse hosted by the World Economic Forum, Global Shapers Accra Hub

Kobby Graham, lecturer at Ashesi University and  Elorm Awittor, lead for Ghana Education Network & organizer of TedXCapeCoastED shared their thoughts with us at September's #Accra Discourse

Fred Deegbe presenting gifts to panelists: Kobby Graham
Participant asking questions
Attendees at the September Accra Discourse


Monday, September 15, 2014

YouTube Creator's Huddles @ iSpace Foundation, Osu

As a multimedia story teller & content creator, one of the projects that brings me immense joy is the YouTube Creator's Huddles at +iSpace Foundation . *Check out vibrant online community of huddlers, YouTube Creator's Huddle GH, here*

Dusted off my photoshop skills, thanks UF #GatorsAlways

Simply put: YouTube Creator's Huddles are open, collaborative, learning space for imaginative and hardworking young people to tell stories. The platform of choice being YouTube.  It has taken a few months to take off, but it has been an amazing journey thus far... words of inspiration that always resonate whenever I host a Thursday huddle are these: amazing happens when you truly collaboratively create with others, our successful output is exponentially rewarding...

Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor, YouTube Project Manager, Google Ghana

The launch of the huddles were beautifully photographed by +Michael Dakwa, Team Lead of team1000 words.

+Timothy Adei put together this really quick yet impressive video montage, for which I'm grateful. #YouTubeGH #HuddleGH #CollaborativeSuccess #team1000words

Plenty thanks to the Vim Squad, Google Ghana team members too.