Monday, September 15, 2014

YouTube Creator's Huddles @ iSpace Foundation, Osu

As a multimedia story teller & content creator, one of the projects that brings me immense joy is the YouTube Creator's Huddles at +iSpace Foundation . *Check out vibrant online community of huddlers, YouTube Creator's Huddle GH, here*

Dusted off my photoshop skills, thanks UF #GatorsAlways

Simply put: YouTube Creator's Huddles are open, collaborative, learning space for imaginative and hardworking young people to tell stories. The platform of choice being YouTube.  It has taken a few months to take off, but it has been an amazing journey thus far... words of inspiration that always resonate whenever I host a Thursday huddle are these: amazing happens when you truly collaboratively create with others, our successful output is exponentially rewarding...

Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor, YouTube Project Manager, Google Ghana

The launch of the huddles were beautifully photographed by +Michael Dakwa, Team Lead of team1000 words.

+Timothy Adei put together this really quick yet impressive video montage, for which I'm grateful. #YouTubeGH #HuddleGH #CollaborativeSuccess #team1000words

Plenty thanks to the Vim Squad, Google Ghana team members too.