Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A new look, artistry nonetheless

So I've been multitasking a lot, apparently any one born in the 80's/90's can attest to not just being an internet/technology baby, but also a multitasking addiction: we text without look at the keypad of our phones, write term papers and work reports while tweeting about the nearest natural disaster or posting a quote on Facebook for our numerous 'friends' to ruminate.

Well my youngest sister and my summer project turned into a full fledged company so I had the privilege of revamping my itake photos est. 1985 website so some eye candy here:

More on my sand creations and how much fun you can have when you visit the website (you can move the images around any which way you want):

I guess president Obama was right when he said "We're who we've been waiting for."