Monday, August 23, 2010

the Presidential Effect

Earlier on in the month, my frat brother who works for the Tulsa Shock reserved tickets for the Shock/Mystics game at the Convention Center in DC. Jumping on the opportunity to fellowship with Gator alumn, I was more excited about the stories to share post-undergrad than the WNBA basketball game....and then it happened. Outside the Convention Center word spread that President Obama and his youngest daughter, Malia would be in attendance!

My priorities changed as I wanted to get my first one-on-one opportunity shoot (ahem a picture of) the president of Kenyan (and Hawaiian) origin. Realizing how far away from the court side my seat was and how ill-equipped I was to get decent pictures, I grudgingly took out my camera in hopes of getting any pictures of him to share with you all.

Obama & Malia courtside

The Mystic mascot mistakenly shook hands with almost everyone on the first row except Malia, and was quickly reminded by the audience to go back and greet the Commander and Chief and his daughter.

Fans gawking at the prez

Possibly one of the more famous back-of-the-heads ever photographed. I was envious of how close buddy had gotten to the prez.

Money shot: Prez Obama

The decent 'money shot' of the day and I'll explain why in a bit.

Obama leaving the convention Ctr

Just before this picture, I froze...sigh. I was close enough to President Obama and he seemed to stretch out his hand toward me! So instead of taking possibly my rendition of the HOPE poster picture of my own. I ended up with another pass-me-by picture.

Now if that isn't the presidential effect, I don't know what is. I couldn't beat myself down for too long though, at least I got a handshake from the most powerful man in the world. What did you do that was awesome this month?


  1. nice one!

    you were that close!

  2. Yes oh! Besides the memory I have [some] pictures to share too.

  3. our president... at a bball game... in a polo.. LOVE IT =) great shot

  4. Yep, can't really beat Obama's swag! Thanks.

  5. That's a great story bruh! I remember when I got to shake his hand but that was before he was officially the president.

  6. Thanks J-Mike. A handshake with one of the most influential men of our time is always memorable.

  7. Congrats!! You definitely deserve this great opportunity :)