Thursday, June 24, 2010

Citizins at Tabaq Bistro

Venue for Citizins Fashion Show in DC

Prior to the world cup in South Africa, there were a few events that took over my life and this is one of them. Kojo, my home boy from my old church, had a fashion show at Tabaq Bistro in DC. I was on the p's and q's (always wanted to use that term), ahem on the photography.

Citizins show at Tabaq Bistro

This picture actually captures the night: volunteers for models donning Kojo's Citizins label and DJ's that coupled as dancers whenever they had the chance. To check out more of Kojo's stuff click here.

Male Model at Citizins Fashion Show Guests and fans of Citizins
My favorite shirt of the night (left) and fans of Citizins clothing were in attendance.

Addressing the crowd with Headphones
Of course, nothing will truly be Ghanaian if there isn't an ingenious way of getting stuff done. Case in point: observe her excellent proficiency in using headphones - not a microphone - in announcing the beginning of the fashion show segment of the evening. Adds a whole new meaning to improv....

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