Friday, March 13, 2009

What does the future hold

My first time ever at anything like the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, and I was snapping away uncontrollably with the D80. I felt like there was so much to capture that I almost forgot to actively enjoy the experience. Not that you can blame this skinny African kid too much, there aren't any medieval fairs in Ghana. It took quite a bit of nudging from my girlfriend to remind me to put down my camera even for a little bit. I couldn't help but wonder if this crystal ball held the secrets to the future though...


  1. Finally pics of the medieval faire! as for that crystal ball... it think i see many medieval faire days in your future ;-)

  2. lol at the african kid...true there aint no medieval fairs in Ghana but we also got our festivals

  3. hahaha Ebow you are right, I can't wait to take pictures of Aboakyire at Winneba or Homowo celebrations back in Accra sometime.