Saturday, March 12, 2022

Africa. Heritage. Technology


Africa. Heritage. Technology

At the intersection of culture and emerging tech Africa has a story to tell.

On the back of this exciting announcement, Mali Magic by Google’s SSA MD, Nitin Gajria my community of creatives at the Eliu Gift Hub could not be more elated!

Image courtesy: Google Arts & Culture

As we scrolled through the awe-inspiring website and digital repository in collaboration with the Timbuktu Rennaissance, UNESCO, The Zamani Project, 4D Africa, Instruments for Africa, and Google, we could not hide our excitement!

#SparkJoy Finally witnessing a thoughtful and validating use of tech to document, honor, celebrate, reclaim, digitize and make equitable and accessible African content. Be sure to check it out, it is definitely an impressive start to what I hope would be a much more nuanced digital representation of Africa’s ongoing rich heritage and history to and for the world.

Heritage Month convos on Twitter #SpacesWithGamor

March, particularly the celebratory 6th of March (Ghana’s Independence Day) ushers a month of reflection for nationalistic, pan-African & Afropolitan pride. Going through the annual motions, my Eliu Gift Hub team and I decided to open up our weekly Twitter conversations on Spaces, to spotlight:

  • Ghanaian, African and by extension Global positionality: What is the Ghanaian Dream?

Sundays 7 pm GMT

If empathetic conversations moderated by yours truly is your jam then join us on Sundays at 7 pm GMT. Follow previous conversations with the tag #SpacesWithGamor

The impact and ubiquitousness of technology and access to information, thanks to mobile phones & social media/tech companies’ global reach, daily cannot be overstated. During the months when our heritage can and must be showcased, it is such a privilege to engage with phenomenal guests and partners. If you (or anyone you know wants to join in the conversations from the comfort of your couch; as you passively listen in your work-study; while taking a walk in the neighborhood; or with a Bluetooth device connected to your car stereo on a long drive, then kindly click here.

Be well, be safe, be loved.

p.s. In December the number #1 Afribeats track Ameno by Ghanaian producer Nektunes had us jamming globally, and we channeled that Bamba during last month’s Spaces here.

Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor, Global Programs Manager, Meta Facebook Office, Johannesburg Office, South Africa. March, 2022

Africa Heritage Technology: Bamba with Gamor Weekly on #SpacesWithGamor #Storytelling

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