Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Happy #InternationalYouthDay

“Given constant technological advances, the demands of the future of work require innovative thinking that is empathetic and empowers people as impactful economic agents locally and globally,” — Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor

Here is Why the world needs the youth revolution more than ever.

Happy #InternationalYouthDay

Inspired by the community of impactful leaders and the global work who put in work daily to improving our state of the world. ✨

In what ways are you or someone youthful (also can be at heart) positively leading in your community? 💕
Share your insights by kindly taking the Shaping the Future of Work survey🌍 World Economic Forum + Global Shapers #GamorLegacy
Full Link: World Economic Forum article here: “The Youth Revolution is More Powerful Than Ever