Thursday, February 18, 2016

72 Hours with #Huawei P8 Lite #BarclaysGhana Innovative Branch + Keke Na Pep at Osu #Accra

One of my sub-resolutions, besides #SelfLove is to get more involved in street photography. I've consulted the big brother +Nana Kofi Acquah and an equipment upgrade and slight modification of my shooting style will be announced soon. Gratefully this is also consistent with last year's #Deeper resolution. Progress. More soon.

Before getting knee deep in this new photography journey though, I spent the last 72 hours test-driving ths #Huawei P8 Lite front and back-end cameras for daylight, night time sample pictures.

My barber, Paul from Krew, is one of the good fellas. He takes immense pleasure in making sure my beard looks groomed. So I did a session at the Krew Barber shop at Labone across the street from +Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine  in Accra. Selfie below:

Normal Selfie shot with #Huawei P8 Lite

Feeling fresh & super cool taken with the Beauty Level Vintage & Valencia Filters #Huawei P8 Lite

While Green Lantern  (my car) has gone to the mechanic for a tune up and other much needed upgrades and body work; I've been gallivanting on foot and discovered a relic that reminded me of the last times I was in Nigeria: Abuja & Lagos for #ShapeAfrica trip, blog post here. I was amused to find out that we, in Accra, now have our own Keke Na Pep! #Claps

Digital Influencers get invited to cool events and my invitation for #BarclaysGhana's new branch launch didn't disappoint. If you all remember, a few years ago when I posted how I had to draw a directional map before  I could open my first bank account in Ghana? (I'll job your memory click here) Well yesterday #BarclaysGhana took a giant leap forward, that allows customers to make cash deposits at ATMS across 67 branches in the country.

With fellow digital influencer Prince of CranchOn Blog shot with #Huawei P8 Lite

MacJordan asking questions on instant account set-up at #BarclaysGhana shot with #Huawei P8 Lite

#BarclaysGhana ATMs that accept check deposits shot with #Huawei P8 Lite

#BarclaysGhana ATMs shot with #Huawei P8 Lite

Some of my tweets on this.

#MosquitoClaps Armed with the #Huawei P8 Lite my selfie game these past 72 hours did not disappoint. Any comments or questions on the camera & photo features of the #Huawei P8 Lite hit me up @eagamor on all social media networks.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Jan 2016: #ShapingDavos 2016 #WEF16 #ShapingJobs

First month of 2016 started off with a bang. I resolved, as I have for a while now to start the new year with a new mantra that develops on last year's #Deeper. And I remember sharing my train of thought with a close friend who expressed apprehension when "someone mentioned" #SelfLove. Thirty-plus days into the new year and I am convinced I couldn't have picked a better time to shape my decisions and actions. More on #SelfLove in a bit...

One of the positive results to committing to #Deeper is my engagement with +Global Shapers Accra. The Accra Hub is an entrepreneurs-packed group of young professionals who are passionate and have the potential to truly leave a positive impact on the world.

In 2015 I applied for, and we won, the opportunity to host #ShapingDavos in Accra on the topic "Building Trust in Public-Private Partnerships" (blog post here) this year the topic “Creating 75 million entrepreneurs, is it possible?

#ShapingDavos is a global phenomenon that connects 20 cities from around the world to discuss 10 topics related to the theme of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2016 in Davos - Klosters. Our discussion points, contributions and recorded session will be part of the engagement world wide at

For-Profit Session: 3:30 - 4:30pm

Selorm Branttie - Mpedigree

Alloysius Attah - Farmerline - Kumasi Hub*

John Armah - Orios Group - Accra Hub*

Ruben Atekpe - Mecowa - WEF member and Accra Hub Founder*
Social Impact Session: 4:45pm - 5:45pm 

Kim Green - Yes Ghana

Hassan Salih - MESH

Yaba Haffar - Teach for Ghana

Daniel Owusu - Cape Coast Hub*

William Senyo - Impact Hub Accra - Ho Hub*

Emmanuel Leslie Addae - TedX Accra

Elizabeth Patterson - GEIG Education Initiative - Kumasi Hub*

The conversations were insightful with video snippets here on some of the most memorable quotes #WEF16

Group picture 1

Group picture 2

To check out the full video: for-profit video link here and social enterprise here.

After our event sessions we plugged in to the World Economic forum to share contributions based on what was discussed.

I was honored to share nuggets of wisdom based on the fantastic contributions from the #ShapingDavos in Accra 2016 panelists. Full video here.

#Deeper ampa! We made sure we also had the video snippets contributing to the social media impact of our local events and I appreciate our sponsors and partners who made it possible to raise 5,500ghs in less than 1 week. #GamorLegacy


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#D2R Concert Picture Taking with Huawei P8 Lite

For those who have been following, I did an un-boxing (post here) for for the surprisingly useful Huawei P8 Lite recently and I got quite a number of positive feedback from people who didn't know about the the phone either.

At Citi 97.3 FM's #D2R concert I decided to try-out the really awesome camera features that allow for low light photos and even better crisp intelligent video shots.

Bisa Kdei is one of the most well-received artists during Citi FM's #December2Remember concert December 2015

Photo shot with Huawei P8 in low light Bisa Kdei's performance at Citi FM's #December2Remember

And then I tried to be even more adventurous and recorded video with the Huawei P8 Lite's 13MP camera for maximum image resolution of 4160 x 3120 pixels tell me what you think of the video below:

If you were at the concert or have tried your hands at Huawei's P8 Lite, shoot me a quick message @eagamor and let's compare notes.