Monday, November 30, 2015

Podcast: Adomaa - The Butterfly (Afraba) - Audio Interview on Mpwrshow on @Y107.9FM

The first time I heard @Adomaa_Music was through her first mash-up video "The Evolution of GH Music". As a YouTube specialist I was hosting a training session and the low-key creative genius +Joseph Akwasi showed me his latest work, then. See below:

Exactly! Astonishingly beautiful, intelligently composed and edited video that made me hopeful about the future of music. And introduced me to yet another artist crush: Adomaa.

When we +Amma Aboagye and I were preparing the program outline November 29th, 2015 edition of the +Mpwr Show ,  that would feature the songstress, I was giddy with excitement. I had listened to Adomaa's other musical offerings in the "Cover Girl of Africa" genre and well-received, Baafira:

I had also bought tickets to watch her live at Alliance Franciase in Accra and supported her animation collaboration with +win pyrite and continue to be pleasantly surprised at our budding creative industry with little to no budget and the continued hunger to create, showcase and thrive

All this to share the back story of what transpired at the Y107.9FM studios on the +Mpwr Show show and how awesome it is that we, yes you and I, continue to support, celebrate our Butterfly Adomaa's talent and gift to the world. Go Adomaa go! #MosquitoClaps