Monday, August 31, 2015

Tigo Music #Bar2Concert E.L. & Friends BBnZ concert at the World Trade Center, Accra

It is "Crazy Charley..." how time flies. I tried figuring out the first E.L. track I heard 3 years ago and One Ghana [For Your Pocket] sticks out vividly for two reasons: the catchy tune/witty lyrics and the Taxi -painted Bentley! I remember asking myself who IS this young rapper and why does he sound so familiar?

Elorm Adablah or EL was one of my seniors at Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, go figure! Not only that, he and my Clerk House (2) mate Francis Kuma aka Foxy aka Jinx/Frank P were part of another  Ɔdadeɛ Jayso's Skillion rap group. Fast forward almost a decade later and E. L. is headlining his 2nd concert in tandem with his freshly released mixtape. B.A.R. II.

Working at +Y1079FM I got a complimentary copy of the new mixtape a few weeks back and it has been on rotation on my phone and in my car. My current two favorites:

Work 2: is a song is for all of us who can't/won't/don't know how to stop working, and when we do work that we are truly passionate about, we swear we haven't worked a day in our lives!

There is something melodic about "We No Dey Hear" and I'm impressed with Lil' Shaker's growth and appreciate getting introduced to Jo Cue on this mixtape. There is also a youthful irreverence and persistence that "We No Dey Hear" captures EL - "...dem talk wanna matter but we no dey hear." #CoolDudesUnite.

How many times have we (you and I) rep-ed New York on Alicia Keys/Jay-Z album, rep-ed Miami because Khaled & Pitbull or Chi-Town because of Common? Nope we aren't from there and this "get crunk" track sets me up nicely for any occasion. Riding with the boys? Wossop; I'm gonna kill this presentation and make these Cedis turn into Dollars real quick Wossop; fresh to death and ready to stunt on these girl(s) charley Wossop! EL mentions the neighborhoods I've lived in from North Kaneshie to Airport Residential. #MyGuy

To be fair, there are hard-hitting songs from hip-hop heads with versatile, lyrical tracks for all. These three resonated with my-everyday-life without me even trying hard.

Pictures at the Tigo Music #Bar2Concert below:

Trigmatic from #YFMGhana family

The B.A.R. himself: EL

Jayso before the crowd: #PioneerStatus

And now my personal fav videos taken with my iPhone 5c: