Tuesday, August 25, 2015

African Electronics #ChaleWote

Every year Jamestown by Accra High Street is packed with cultural and artistic brilliance.

This year's Chale Wote theme, piqued my interest and "African Electronics" did not disappoint. Big-ups to the volunteer team that puts this showcase on, the Ga community and residents by Mantse Agbonaa for being such enthusiastic and fun hosts. If you missed check out #ChaleWote2015 on Twitter, you wont be disappointed.

Better than Mayweather vs. Pacquiao #ChaleWote
Selfie Booth #ChaleWote

Young Boxers #ChaleWote
African Electronics in full effect #ChaleWote

Mantse one of the leading brains behind #ChaleWote

Do make sure you're glued to AccraDotAltRadio website the official #ChaleWote news source. #MosquitoClaps