Monday, September 29, 2014

#AccraDiscourse September - Adding Value to a Struggling Education Sector

I am a proud product of Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, one of the top secondary schools in West Africa. After that, there's very little else I'm proud of in the current Ghanaian education sector.

Let's take one metric, of course not the be all end all, but passing the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results are a requirement for admission into tertiary institutions/colleges/universities.

Of all the students who took the 2013 WASSCE exam: "...68, 062 students of the 242, 162 candidates had grades between A1-C6 in at least 6 subjects (including English & core Mathematics which are requirements for admission into tertiary institutions)."

 That's only 28.11% of students who sat for the exams passed. Not excelled people, (C's included) passed. That's a failing grade however you look at it.

At this month's Accra Discourse hosted by the World Economic Forum, Global Shapers Accra Hub

Kobby Graham, lecturer at Ashesi University and  Elorm Awittor, lead for Ghana Education Network & organizer of TedXCapeCoastED shared their thoughts with us at September's #Accra Discourse

Fred Deegbe presenting gifts to panelists: Kobby Graham
Participant asking questions
Attendees at the September Accra Discourse