Monday, April 28, 2014

Agbeko in Ho. #DAC2014 #Rotary #Rotaract

*Head bowed* this is the first time I had stayed over in the Volta region, like ever. I feel as if I finally earned a few more Ewe street cred this year. Now there more of a balance to my Fante-Ewe man combo but I'd leave that for another conversation....

During Easter weekend I spent the holidays in Ho, Volta Region with fellow Rotaracters & Rotarians at the District Assembly Convention. It was an amazing time, a reprieve from the congested, seemingly more and more polluted Accra and general work stress. Plus, if you've read my earlier posts, volunteering recharges me and helps keep me grounded.

Armed only with my iPhone, I know +Samuel Darko  would have rather I came with full, video/photo gear, I took a few pictures of my #DAC2014 experience.

Registered & read at Chances Hotel, Ho

Strong, well represented Benin delegation

Niger was in the House

+Samuel Darko personally oversaw the design, I remember giving my thumbs up months ago to the prototype 
One of the days, I went on a expedition with a fellow Rotaractor for Akple....and other Ewe delicacies.

The awards night was the climax of the #DAC2014 conference. Learn. Serve