Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello (good) Food!

One of the things that I didn't think would be successfully replicated from my metropolitan DC life to Accra every day living was  fast, convenient food delivery. Especially one that was only a phone call away from my favorite restaurants food being sent to my doorstep. Until I found the perfect surprise! One afternoon, while craving for plantain and beans or red red, I decided to try out HelloFood's service for lunch.
HelloFood Office in Osu, Accra

I went online to their snazzy website and looked at the menu based on the local restaurant's proximity to my Y FM office at the Accra Mall. The website interface seemed pretty clear and the options were decent as I could order from East Legon, Kanda through Accra central with promise of delivery under an hour for most locations.

Online ordering service made easy

The delivery guy came through with smiles and decently anxious for my approval as he carried my meal in a polythene bag from Sweet Discovery Restaurant. After a confirmation call about my order, my meal came warm and decently packaged in under the 45 minutes that was advertised, no complaints there.

What I was a bit surprised about was how small the portions came up to considering the cost of my meal (minus delivery discount oh). I enjoyed my plantain and beans with chopped goat meat with relish and a week later, filled out the survey/response for Hello Foods service/Sweet Discovery's good food. Had a conversation with my pocket though, and at the reduced cost of 17.50 ghs (rounded it off to 20 ghs for buddy's tip) I would need a pay increase to patronize the service more. Without the delivery discount I would have been charged 24.50ghs...boss status.

When my salary/pay increase happens I'll be logging on to explore food options to be delivered, especially foods from restaurants I cannot easily gain access to at/from the mall.