Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kwahu Goat Meat & other delicacies

If you've been in Ghana over the last decade or so, Kwahu has become synonymous with Easter celebrations. And this year, in true local-turned-foreigner turned-local-tourist fashion, I decided to take a trip where I'd never been: Kwahu oh Kwahu!

This blog post is the second of a series of Eats And Treats where I get to share local delicacies across the world during my travels. See the one about ahaban (leaf) wrapped Waakye and Grilled Tilapia here.

Back to Kwahu:

Our first stop was at the Modak Hotel at Pepease, one of the townships that collective make up the famous Kwahu. From childhood stories told to me, Kwahu has always been known as a golden city where successful traders, merchants who came to Accra went back to build houses that were almost anachronistic to the surrounding abodes. Contemporary, huge gated-mansions in the midst of huts was definitely something remarkable elsewhere outside the major cities in Accra and yet Kwahu's rep was exactly for that and how many of these modern buildings were juxtaposed with sedentary life and huts in villages.

At Modak, I settled for goat meat light soup and fufu and while I used a spoon, my colleague reminded me the most efficient way to drink light soup is to tilt the entire bowl towards your mouth and gulp it down. The soup was really good, I almost lost my appetite when  I realized I could identify the teeth of the goat on top of my meal. I closed my eyes and proceeded to tilt the entire bowl towards my mouth...

Still cautious of the street food, I forgot my handy bottle of pepto at home so I settled on pictures of fried guinea fowl, khebabs & sausages and fried shrimp. More pictures of the street carnival and Sarkodie concert coming soon...

Entrance to the hotel at Pepease

Chop Time
Goat Teeth
Modak #2

Guinea Fowl
Kelewele and groundnuts

Fried Shrimps
Khebabs and Sausages