Saturday, March 16, 2013

They Grow up so fast!

It is astonishing how quickly kids around you grow up. If you are introspective, as I get sometimes, you'll look at your younger siblings, cousins...and look at the older family members and wonder if they are as tickled about your growth as you are of the younger ones.

My cousin, Queenie (named after her mother) celebrated her birthday and it was an opportunity to reconnect with family members I hadn't seen in about a decade. At her party I found out that her dad, my mother's older brother used to take pictures of my mom when they were younger. Decades later, here I am taking pictures of his daughter. Who said history doesn't repeat itself?
To youth, legacy and teenage birthdays!


The group of friends who are "fresh"

Chop friend.

2nd generation of Benneh-Amoah


The birthday girl's mini photo shoot