Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why Give Blood?

Two days ago I sent Samuel Darko - a fellow political commentary wonk who is a committed member of the Rotaract club in Andenta - an email to support a blood drive the club is organizing this Saturday. A day later Edward Tagoe - a blogger/entrepreneur and another school mate from Presec - brought up support for the same blood-drive and asked if I would be interested in joining the Blogging Ghana photo-walk for the event. I thought I'd do one better; create an honest, gimmick-free, compelling video why you should donate blood at Legon this Saturday.

Donor card | A friend watching the video I just made

So at Florida, my line brother and I, were awarded by LifeSouth for recruiting the most African American males to donate blood in one afternoon during a fraternity drive. They were super eager to offer us LifeSouth jobs. I was a serial donor as well as bone-marrow registrant and through Sammy & Eddie, I am interested in getting plugged in donating in the country as well. What I learnt from their testimonials was that, unlike LifeSouth, the need for blood donations is much dire than anyone could imagine. Maternity mortality rates attributed to blood loss was 50% in 2011! If two women were pregnant in a hospital bed, one would NOT make it alive. Check last August's MyJoyOnline News article for more shocking statistics:

Decided to share on social media through team 1000 words to create as much of a buzz as possible. If you're in Accra, come through: