Friday, December 7, 2012

Early Morning Voting at Ayawaso West Wougon constituency, Dzorwulu Open Space

Early Morning Voting at Ayawaso West Wougon constituency, Dzorwulu Open Space

At 8:15am the Dzorwulu Open Space voting station, number 138, had about 75 people in line voters waiting even as voters  casting their ballot moved at a decent clip. After media press accreditation were checked a polling agent at the station, Derrick Asiedu, reported that 91 voters with 24 female voters had successful exercised their franchise. Ayakparo Selassie Famous, a first time voter from the Volta region who currently resides at Ayawaso West Wougon constituency was excited to vote. Selassie Famous mentioned education as one of the main reason why he is excited to vote and had minimal complaints about his experience at this voting station.

Nassah Inussa a third time voter who had been in line since 4:00am, arrived to vote a few hours before the polling agents showed up to start the process. He wanted to make sure that he could get a chance to vote early and besides the wait, he did not have any major complaints at the polling station. In his opinion, today's election was as peaceful as previous ones and the though he expressed skepticism in the "US sent biometric equipment", he shared that he was fine with the verification process as long as it assured all voters that the elections were free and fair.

Voting at Polling Station #138 Ayawaso West Wougon Constituency

Peter Danu, a polling agent for New Patriotic Party (NPP)  reported that the elections at Ayawasu West Wougon constituency had been going smoothly thus far. Peter hopes the patience and comportment voters in line had exercised all morning will continue into the hot afternoon and evening. There were two security agents, as well as a representative for the National Democracy Congress (NDC) were present and on active duty.

Emmanuel A. Gamor for Ghana Decides