Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black Stars: KasE VIM!

Ghana vs USA flag display

If you've been following me on twitter or facebook then you've probably figured out that I'm a huge football fanatic when it comes to the #worldcup. I've been an ardent, unwavering fan since the first game between Ghana and Serbia.

In 2006, when Ghana beat the USA to qualify past group stages, I bought a flag and heralded it onto University of Florida campus. Four years and a graduation later, a similar showdown with Ghana being victorious last weekend couldn't have made me happier.

Black Stars @ Dupont, DC

Being the dare-devil that I am, I went to Washington DC, the nation's capital....Dupont Circle where jumbotrons and huge screen tvs showcased the world cup football matches hosted in South Africa. I was surrounded by {obviously} team America supporters with my obnoxious flag and braved 90 minutes plus extra time till, the ESPN described "small country a little bigger than Oregon" beat the super power USA!

I was ecstatic, a little nervous for my well-being but very proud of the young black stars team and the fact that I was born in Ghana, the Black Stars of Africa

Disclaimer: Unlike all the pictures I post here, though taken with my camera I didn't take these I am actually in them.


  1. so I'm pissed..I wrote this whole comment and it disappeared! lol!

    Anyways, I am so happy they won and I am so looking forward to the match on Friday! We definitely have the whole of Africa rooting for us! If they play like they did against the US, I think we have a good chance beating Uruguay!

  2. Really, I apologize your comment disappeared, I recently changed the layout of the blog.

    Very true, the boys are good and spiritual in their pursuit in making history. Check this video out: