Monday, June 15, 2009

A magic experience

Disney 04

Having spent a majority of my formative years in Ghana, I realize that I've only begun to live some of my childhood fantasies; Disney, Magic Kingdom in Orlando is definitely one of them. If I could turn back the hand of time I would look just as this young lad does, face paint an all.

Disney 03

Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry and Popeye are one of my earliest recollections of cartoons. Now I can't even keep up with what's on Disney channel anymore: Miley Cirus, Jonas Bros. and the new movie UP? Back in my day (ahem I'm beginning to sound like a grandad now) it was all about the animals that could speak. They were witty, fun to watch and definitely kept me positively preoccupied. Mickey's Philharmagic brought back some great memories.

Disney 02

Speaking of talking animals, Lion King was and is my all time favorite Disney movie and happens to be one of the first movies I personally owned on a VHS, along with Peter Pan and Alladin, back when VHS mattered. Rafiki was funny, a little intimidating and wise, but he was one of the main characters you saw at the beginning and the end of the movie--and when you saw Rafiki holding a little cub, you knew then and there that the delicate balance had been restored again!


The smile on this little girl's face is priceless. Definitely helped me come to the conclusion that it is NEVER too late to live as a kid again, however momentarily, it is the little kid in us that is never afraid to dream, live and explore!