Friday, April 3, 2009


This year's FACES Modeling Troupe Inc. fashion show was different from the years prior. Some of the clothes weren't as flashing and the strides as exaggerated. The themes and throw back videos were still interesting, and definitely a great opportunity to practice taking pictures with flash in the Reitz Union.

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  1. Hi emmanuel,

    Nice pictures! I found the article on the Dream Act interesting especially since my parents once migrated to where I was born. But here, it's sure that noone's gonna talk about a Dream Act.
    However my question is technical : how do you get to post your name on your pictures? Thank you for dropping your answer at
    my blogs : my original community) and and another one you may find interesting also (about Spike Lee's movie - they don't want to release it, it's creating havoc over here ! You may be wondering where my "here" is, I'll let you find out for yourself. I hope you'll answer my request. Thanks.

    God Bless