Thursday, December 31, 2015

Birthday: The Big Three Oh

Olu, Muriel (my mother), Grandma Anniky, Ayo, Kobina | photo credit: Sawyer family archives.
It has been a crazy awesome and crazy challenging 2015. Reflecting on the June 3rd Accra Floods, the December 17th car robbery but in the same token appreciative of the World Economic Forum on Africa conference panelist opportunity in Cape Town, SA my feature in BBC and this newspaper clipping from the Ghana's Daily Graphic, Business edition:
Daily Graphic Business: Tuesday November 3rd-9th 2015 
Helps me appreciate all that has happened this past year even more. In spite of the struggles, challenges and difficulties there are bright spots, real bright spots that have helped deal with each obstacle and challenge. For that I am grateful. A wise person once shared with me that there isn't life without obstacles, and so as I turn thirty, I am contemplative and appreciative about all the victories (big or small) that help make this journey memorable. To all of you who have followed, and continue to follow this blog, thank you. There is more to come, especially as I explore content creation with evermore advanced mobile devices here and here.

If you haven't already, do follow @eagamor on Twitter as I resolve to live in the here and now and celebrate our individual and collective success as #MasterOfTheMoment


#Deeper #‎IStandOnTheShouldersOfGiants‬ The cute youngest girl, Muriel Vanderpuye, will go on to be the wonderful woman who gives birth to me 30 years from this day. Grateful. ‪#‎SawyerInMe‬ ‪#‎QuarteyInMe‬ ‪#‎Mama‬ ‪#‎MosquitoClaps‬ ‪#‎GamorLegacy‬


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas unboxing: Huawei P8 Lite

Everyone loves the Christmas season. It is a great time to reconnect with family, and if yours is benevolent, a time to exchange gifts. The festive season is always special as my birthday falls on new year's eve and gives me extra motivation to think about, and implement, my new year's resolutions.

One such resolution of mine is to take mobile more seriously. The mobile devices of today have in-built specs that would dazzle anyone from 2-5 years ago and for social media enthusiasts and bloggers: they allow us to consume and produce content on the fly. Being an Apple enthusiast I'd bookmarked an iPhone 6 purchase - if for the very least, to sync with my MacBook and other devices that make my working life simpler and easier.

And then surprising happened...

I received my first Huawei device, ever. I almost feel giddy. It is not that I haven't owned an Android phone before, I dabbled with HTC's Dream G1 device, and even owned Samsung's Galaxy Two, yes there were a few before the new Galaxy 6s and Galaxy Edge were introduced into the market. And if you have been an ardent follower/reader of this blog there was the Samsung A5 and my thoughts on that here. But never have I owned a Huawei, until now; and I have been pleasantly surprised. I'll be more than happy to share with you the highlights and functionality of the Huawei P8 Lite, especially in our Dumsor-laden, expensive data Ghanaian environment in a bit. In the meantime, Afi hyia pa! Check out the pictures and the brief unboxing video on what's to come next.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Podcast: Adomaa - The Butterfly (Afraba) - Audio Interview on Mpwrshow on @Y107.9FM

The first time I heard @Adomaa_Music was through her first mash-up video "The Evolution of GH Music". As a YouTube specialist I was hosting a training session and the low-key creative genius +Joseph Akwasi showed me his latest work, then. See below:

Exactly! Astonishingly beautiful, intelligently composed and edited video that made me hopeful about the future of music. And introduced me to yet another artist crush: Adomaa.

When we +Amma Aboagye and I were preparing the program outline November 29th, 2015 edition of the +Mpwr Show ,  that would feature the songstress, I was giddy with excitement. I had listened to Adomaa's other musical offerings in the "Cover Girl of Africa" genre and well-received, Baafira:

I had also bought tickets to watch her live at Alliance Franciase in Accra and supported her animation collaboration with +win pyrite and continue to be pleasantly surprised at our budding creative industry with little to no budget and the continued hunger to create, showcase and thrive

All this to share the back story of what transpired at the Y107.9FM studios on the +Mpwr Show show and how awesome it is that we, yes you and I, continue to support, celebrate our Butterfly Adomaa's talent and gift to the world. Go Adomaa go! #MosquitoClaps


Friday, October 9, 2015

Astronaut Bobby Satcher Interview with E. A. Gamor Mpwr Show on @Y1079FM

I generally enjoy Science Fiction movies and though I'm not a fanatic, it was an honor to meet and interview NASA Astronaut Bobby Satcher last weekend!

Friends who are Star Trek die-hards or Star Wars fans, this one is for you!

Surgical Oncologist and Nasa Astronaut Robert "Bobby" Satcher (@astro_bones) was in Accra as a guest speaker at Ashesi University's Engineering Program Launch. Gratefully eTV with J.O.T. Agyeman and +Y1079FM with E. A. Gamor, we had the exclusive interview for the +Mpwr Show

J.O.T. Agyeman Astronaut Satcher & Emmanuel Gamor

Prepping for the eTV interview Astronaut Bobby Satcher & eTV JOT Agyeman

Showing Astronaut Satcher my signature Selfie strategy - E. A. Gamor #Selfie

E. A. Gamor, Astronaut Bobby Satcher & Prof John Ofori

Recorded interview for Mpwr show with Astronaut Satcher & E. A. Gamor

So thanks to YFM you can listen to the interview full interview below, as usual #MosquitoClaps:

All pictures taken with my iPhone 5c mobile device.


Monday, August 31, 2015

Tigo Music #Bar2Concert E.L. & Friends BBnZ concert at the World Trade Center, Accra

It is "Crazy Charley..." how time flies. I tried figuring out the first E.L. track I heard 3 years ago and One Ghana [For Your Pocket] sticks out vividly for two reasons: the catchy tune/witty lyrics and the Taxi -painted Bentley! I remember asking myself who IS this young rapper and why does he sound so familiar?

Elorm Adablah or EL was one of my seniors at Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, go figure! Not only that, he and my Clerk House (2) mate Francis Kuma aka Foxy aka Jinx/Frank P were part of another  Ɔdadeɛ Jayso's Skillion rap group. Fast forward almost a decade later and E. L. is headlining his 2nd concert in tandem with his freshly released mixtape. B.A.R. II.

Working at +Y1079FM I got a complimentary copy of the new mixtape a few weeks back and it has been on rotation on my phone and in my car. My current two favorites:

Work 2: is a song is for all of us who can't/won't/don't know how to stop working, and when we do work that we are truly passionate about, we swear we haven't worked a day in our lives!

There is something melodic about "We No Dey Hear" and I'm impressed with Lil' Shaker's growth and appreciate getting introduced to Jo Cue on this mixtape. There is also a youthful irreverence and persistence that "We No Dey Hear" captures EL - "...dem talk wanna matter but we no dey hear." #CoolDudesUnite.

How many times have we (you and I) rep-ed New York on Alicia Keys/Jay-Z album, rep-ed Miami because Khaled & Pitbull or Chi-Town because of Common? Nope we aren't from there and this "get crunk" track sets me up nicely for any occasion. Riding with the boys? Wossop; I'm gonna kill this presentation and make these Cedis turn into Dollars real quick Wossop; fresh to death and ready to stunt on these girl(s) charley Wossop! EL mentions the neighborhoods I've lived in from North Kaneshie to Airport Residential. #MyGuy

To be fair, there are hard-hitting songs from hip-hop heads with versatile, lyrical tracks for all. These three resonated with my-everyday-life without me even trying hard.

Pictures at the Tigo Music #Bar2Concert below:

Trigmatic from #YFMGhana family

The B.A.R. himself: EL

Jayso before the crowd: #PioneerStatus

And now my personal fav videos taken with my iPhone 5c:


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

African Electronics #ChaleWote

Every year Jamestown by Accra High Street is packed with cultural and artistic brilliance.

This year's Chale Wote theme, piqued my interest and "African Electronics" did not disappoint. Big-ups to the volunteer team that puts this showcase on, the Ga community and residents by Mantse Agbonaa for being such enthusiastic and fun hosts. If you missed check out #ChaleWote2015 on Twitter, you wont be disappointed.

Better than Mayweather vs. Pacquiao #ChaleWote
Selfie Booth #ChaleWote

Young Boxers #ChaleWote
African Electronics in full effect #ChaleWote

Mantse one of the leading brains behind #ChaleWote

Do make sure you're glued to AccraDotAltRadio website the official #ChaleWote news source. #MosquitoClaps


Sunday, August 23, 2015

ONA Under-30 Digital Journalism Stand-Outs

The Online News Association, the world’s largest membership organization of digital journalists, today announced its fifth class of MJ Bear Fellows, three journalists under age 30 whose innovative work in independent, community and corporate news represents the best of new media.
The selection committee combed through 59 applications from 23 countries to choose these up-and-coming digital journalists — two in the United States or Canada and one international, in partnership with MSN International — who are making their voices heard in the industry.


The selection committee felt so strongly about the projects and potential of five other applicants that they were awarded honorable mention. They are:
  • Amanda Gutterman, Editorial Director for Slant;
  • Carolyn Thompson, reporter for The Windsor (Ont.) Star;
  • Emmanuel Gamor, Specialist and Curator for YouTube, Ghana;
  • Heather Bryant, Teaching Assistant, Hackbright Academy, San Francisco, and a former digital services editor for KTOO Alaska public radio, and
  • Jabril Faraj, reporter for Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service.
Each will each receive a free one-year ONA membership.
“Once again, applicants were leading, not following, in their newsrooms,” said Amy Eisman, MJ Bear Fellowship Committee Chair. “The breadth of their entries was stunning — from deep data work and creative crowdsourcing to building tools to help news organizations in the future. In the end, we are struck by their deep devotion to news and information, to including diverse voices, and to serving their readers, listeners and viewers.”

Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor Online News Agency 2015 Under-30 Digital Journalism Stand-Outs
The Online New Association recently commended Under-30 Digital Journalism Stand-Outs and YFM's Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor made the list as the only commended candidate outside of North America.

Monthly YDialogues WEF Global Shapers Accra & YFM partnership - Emmanuel Gamor - Lead
Emmanuel Gamor is the host for the Mpwr show which airs on Sundays 8pm on Y107.9 FM and also curates YouTube Huddle community in the country. He is also the lead for YDialogues, engaging once-a-month interactive & inspirational sessions hosted by YFM Ghana in partnership with the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Accra Hub. The next Y Dialogues will be held on Saturday September 12th, 2015 10am at the Silver Lounge, Accra Mall.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Video: Storytelling & YouTube

#MeshConfab2015 happened in May and my good friend +Hassan Salih &  crew created this awesome video that captured my heart-song about localized & translated African content.

I have been scheming and plotting, stuck in my head and uncharacteristically reclusive sometimes. I don't want to be the one in a snazzy video talking about collaboration & content creation but also being about it with my latest initiative Urithi Labs. More about the content creator's space for teaching producing and curating African multimedia stories soon.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

The World Economic Forum on Africa 2015 #AccraFloods

Early last month 79 Global Shapers community members from across Africa and I were invited to the +World Economic Forum  on Africa in CapeTown, South Africa June 3rd - June 5th, 2015. Besides it being an all-expenses paid trip to a country I hadn't been before, it was an opportunity to learn, engage and participate on my first panel on "Digital Revolution" at the Forum on Africa. My +Global Shapers Accra Hub colleague +Kow Essuman and I presented a day-by-day report here.

Signed-up with badge access.
Emmanuel Gamor (with) Top Left: Jacqueline Musiitwa, Bright Simons Bottom left: Ashish Thakkar & Biola Alabi
Private Session Global Shapers with Prof. Schwab, Emmanuel Gamor and Global Shapers
Thinking Ahead: "How will Africa’s countries bridge data gaps to achieve the sustainable development goals?"
Moderator: Clare Akamanzi Panelists: Jamie Drummond, Daniella Ballou-Aares Helen Hai, Dr. Ernest Darkoh and Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor 

BBC Focus on Africa feature: Emmanuel Gamor, Global Shaper, WEF

I arrived in CapeTown, Southern Sun Waterfront Hotel a few days before the conference and left for Johannesburg the following weekend to catch the DSTV Food Show featuring Chaka Khan #ThroughTheFire #DancedTheNightAway

Reconnected with old friends & made new ones

Pictures of my escapades on the new Google Photos here. #ExcuseToTryANewGoogleFeature

Sadly, the #AccraFloods happened while I was away but enough to affect me while I was speaking on the "Data Revolution" on the continent and what is needed.

Deeper:  While in CapeTown, I was sent pictures of the devastation that ensued after the Accra Floods. I also came back to a flooded home and flooded car: pictures on IG here. I am usually honest with family & very close friends, but the psychological and financial shake-up lingers on in my life & it has been almost month later. I am one of the lucky ones. Our city & its folk (especially on the bottom tier of the economic ladder) are victims to this and other needless & preventable tragedies almost annually. There MUST be a better way. I'm determined to help find it. #AccraLabs #UrithiLabs +Urithi Media  


Saturday, May 16, 2015

MEST Confab 2015 & #DumsorMustStop Vigil

Saturday May 16th, turned out to be a packed day! After being a guest at many a MESH Confab, I was invited to speak at May 2015 edition and I was humbled and nervous at the same time. The last confab I attended, featured fellow  Ɔdadeɛ +Jayso Skillions+Nicole Amarteifio  and +Yaw DK Osseo-Asare as speakers. It was insightful, informative and inspirational.

This year +Aisha Obuobi & +Joe Osae-Addo and I got to exchange ideas and engage with the MESH creative society.

Even though I was billed as a "YouTube Expert" I focused more on my personal storytelling journey as a multimedia journalists and made a case to encourage more digital Ghanaian content through collaboration.

A big shout-out to +Sed Tsegah  for taking this picture #MeshConfab2015

After 5pm I dashed back to Legon to join in on the #DumsorMustStop vigil. I got to Tetteh Quarshie a little after 6pm to join in on the +yvonne nelson & other Ghanaian movie stars and celebrities led non-partisan protest to the country's electricity crisis.

Wanlov "was there some"

Placards demand for a solution to #dumsor

Van Vicker, DKB and D-Black in attendance

Young professionals lamenting the electricity situation

Mr. Sam Mends (Omni media/Citi FM) speaking with the media

See boys.
Fellow Ɔdadeɛ 


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#getstartedafrica Kick-off in Ivory Coast

Abidjan is a lovely city and on my first trip ever to this Francophone pearl I was impressed with the city planning, reception and general vibe of Ivory Coast.

One of my resolutions in 2015, besides digging deeper in getting things done; is to go regional. Break out of the barriers of Accra, explore other African countries, network, learn, live and laugh at mistakes in other languages: especially broken, terrible French.

#getstatedafrica is Nescafe's campaign to get ideas discussed, implemented over a brew of Nescafe coffee. With the likes of +Ameyaw Debrah , +Yehni Djidji , +CYRIAC GBOGOU +Basile Niane +Prince Baah-Duodu , +edith yah brou , +Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. & +Yomi Adegboye - West Africa's most influential bloggers and social media aficionados we were able to shut down the interwebs briefly and encourage young people to share their dreams via:

The Beginning: StartCon14 #getstartedafrica

StartCon14 with Fred Swaniker as mentor 
April this year we took the 1st Get Started Conference from Accra, Ghana to Cocody, Abidjan - Cote D'Ivoire

#getstartedafrica truck leaving accra credit: Amfo Conolly

Leaving Kotoka with +Ato Ulzen-Appiah  & +Ameyaw Debrah 

I found the Rotary 100 years celebration in Abidjan! #ServiceAboveSelf

VIP suite at the Palm Club Hotel

Selfies with the bloggers & Nescafe team

First dinner with +Yomi Adegboye +Basile Niane +Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. +edith yah brou +Prince Baah-Duodu +Ameyaw Debrah 

I bumped into members from the Rotaract Club of Cocody! #FellowshipThroughService

+jean-patrick Ehouman & +Ato Ulzen-Appiah when we snuck out for some Abidjan night life!

The insightful +Karim SY from Jokkolabs

+Prince Baah-Duodu & @Kofi Sika of @Adventures Junkies Ghana

The last +CYRIAC GBOGOU selfie!

Cool GH peeps in Ivory Coast: +Jemila Abdulai +Amfo Connolly & co

All photos were taken with my iPhone 5c