Monday, June 16, 2014

Favorite World Cup Songs on Youtube

A few minutes before the #GHA & #USA match, and I'm intermittently peering up from assignments at all the Ghanaian produced World Cup songs I can find on +YouTube . I need to keep my vim levels high! #turndownfawhat?!

My fav #WordCup2014 song from Ghana's own +Noella Wiyaala':

There is Shakira's unofficial #WorldCupSong2014 submission from her self-named album Shakira:

I also found lesser known Puerto Rican Wisin, David Correy & Paty Cantu's catchy tune:

The world is ours indeed. Go +GFA TV (Official Channel Of The Black Stars) #Blackstars

My least favorite, and the officially Official #WorldCup2014 song which undoubtably helps +Pitbull, J-Lo's career and only guest features Brazilian beauty Claudia Leitte:

We Are One until somebody/one team, wins it all. #theshade

Noteworthy is my all time favorite World Cup song from +KnaanVEVO, Waving Flag:

As I told my colleague +Ryan Michael  before tonight's Ghana's first game in Brazil against the USA: may the best team win. #MoreVim

At the office, reppin' our respective countries #MoreVim


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

BlackStars Osee Yee #TurnDownForWhat?!

I'm so psyched for Ghana's national football team's performance and success at this year's Fifa World Cup in Brazil! My VIM dey so much so that I have neglected to acknowledge or event pay attention to some of the facts:
  • The Blackstars starting goalkeeper, Fatau Dauda is a suspect when his feet aren't grounded.
  • No African country, including Ghana has gone to the semi's in the World Cup competition before, ever.
  • Though we have returning strikers, midfielders and players; most (except 1 player) who play in international competition, we do not have a break out top 10 world class play maker/scorer: Messi, Christian Ronaldo, Neymar, Bale to name a few. Asamoah Gyan, Kevin Prince Boateng notwithstanding. 
  • Team chemistry is key to progressing during the World Cup and the friendlies I have seen thus far (yes they are Coach Appiah's experiment's on individual performance) has lacked overall display of strong team chemistry.

Nevertheless I'm so excited about the Blackstars that I'm taking pictures of Ghana Flags with my phone at work, spending Youtube time checking out the latest highlights of teams we're playing Portugal Germany and USA in the Group of Death. Pah, victory is sweetest with a formidable foe abi?

Ghana Osee Yee!

At work, I take pictures of flags/any patriotic paraphernalia to counteract my colleague +Ryan Michael's consistent prayers for America's victory during our first match in the competition. Tweeaa! 

I resorted to posting this fantastic sketch I found on Instagram of Michael Essien, Asamoah Gyan and Kevin Prince Boateng celebrating victoriously (you see my foreshadowing tings) on all my social media accounts for good measure. After scoring 4-0 to an unorganized South Korea, we're heading to Brazil with a winning attitude; turn down for what?! #MostVim