Saturday, December 7, 2013

MorePoWeR the end of Season 1 #Mpwr

Finally blogging about the Mpwr Radio Show, my 2013 labor of love.  It's almost too easy to start with: Well we started a radio show on Y FM with the 'S Means Hope' campaign from the Man of Steel (Superman 2013) movie. And yet, Ecclesiastes 7:8 admonishes that the end of a thing/matter is better than the beginning... it isn't the end of the show, but we've successfully completed Season 1 of the weekly radio conversations I co-host with Amma Aboagye , DJ Jay Dee and audio support from Kofi Taylor-Hayford.

The trials have been numerous, and despite them, I'm proud to say that my dream of inspiring and informing on Ghana/Africa's oft considered 'empty rhetoric' local  radio airwaves was realized this year. There is so so much more yet to do. We are aspiring to engage young entrepreneurs, African leaders and Creatives on off-air in shaping a better world through collaboration.

Before season 2 kicks off in 2014 though, here's to small wins!

I've posted images from guests in-studio on the show and the recent 1st Mpwr Networking Soiree (photo credit +Fiifi Baidoo ) we held to introduce the show's guests to listeners in promoting collaboration. +Mpwr  @mpwrshow

Mpwr Show Networking Soiree 1

Past guests on the weekly show on Y 107.9 FM 


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Otinibi Library Project

My name is Emmanuel aka E-man aka E.A. aka Gamor and I'm admitting that I'm a workaholic. I enjoy being gainfully productive and with that, also comes a lot of stress. One of the healthy ways I've found to recharge my productive batteries is to interact meaningfully with kids. Last month, I gleefully (yes, I'm always a big kid at heart) hang out: danced, laughed, ate with the kids at Otinibi Basic school during the library commission. A big shout-out to the team that worked on getting donations for the library over the past couple of years and to my Rotaract Club that sets the bar decently high for young Ghanaian professionals to give back, regularly.