Saturday, December 7, 2013

MorePoWeR the end of Season 1 #Mpwr

Finally blogging about the Mpwr Radio Show, my 2013 labor of love.  It's almost too easy to start with: Well we started a radio show on Y FM with the 'S Means Hope' campaign from the Man of Steel (Superman 2013) movie. And yet, Ecclesiastes 7:8 admonishes that the end of a thing/matter is better than the beginning... it isn't the end of the show, but we've successfully completed Season 1 of the weekly radio conversations I co-host with Amma Aboagye , DJ Jay Dee and audio support from Kofi Taylor-Hayford.

The trials have been numerous, and despite them, I'm proud to say that my dream of inspiring and informing on Ghana/Africa's oft considered 'empty rhetoric' local  radio airwaves was realized this year. There is so so much more yet to do. We are aspiring to engage young entrepreneurs, African leaders and Creatives on off-air in shaping a better world through collaboration.

Before season 2 kicks off in 2014 though, here's to small wins!

I've posted images from guests in-studio on the show and the recent 1st Mpwr Networking Soiree (photo credit +Fiifi Baidoo ) we held to introduce the show's guests to listeners in promoting collaboration. +Mpwr  @mpwrshow

Mpwr Show Networking Soiree 1

Past guests on the weekly show on Y 107.9 FM 


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Otinibi Library Project

My name is Emmanuel aka E-man aka E.A. aka Gamor and I'm admitting that I'm a workaholic. I enjoy being gainfully productive and with that, also comes a lot of stress. One of the healthy ways I've found to recharge my productive batteries is to interact meaningfully with kids. Last month, I gleefully (yes, I'm always a big kid at heart) hang out: danced, laughed, ate with the kids at Otinibi Basic school during the library commission. A big shout-out to the team that worked on getting donations for the library over the past couple of years and to my Rotaract Club that sets the bar decently high for young Ghanaian professionals to give back, regularly.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

ROTARy in ACTion: Sunyani

A positive habit I picked up in college was to channel negative circumstances to positive, do-good energy and this year I made a conscious effort to participate in Rotary/Rotaract activities: Fellowship through Service.
My Presec schoolmate, Samuel Darko invited me to visit the Rotaract Club of Adentan, he previously presided over, to work on a "Blood Drive" earlier this year; and I stayed around long enough to be end up getting inducted. Adding on to my positive, doing-good is a chance to travel to local and international clubs by performing Fellowship through Service starting with Catholic University College, Sunyani. My first time in Sunyani, an amazingly warm experience with fantastic people, take a look for yourself:


Monday, October 28, 2013

Accra's International Marathon | Winners & Observers

The world-renowned Accra International Marathon happened the end of last month (Saturday September 29th, to be precise) and my co-host Double A and I got to interview the founder and organizer Ekua Bannerman-Richter of the annual Accra International Marathon on our MPwr radio show.
I participated in ETV/Japan Motors corporate run days earlier, so I opted to  support friends and loved-ones who participated in this marathon, and yes, get a few pictures of what ensued. Everyone who participated, from corporate teams, individual runners in the women & youth sections, was a winner. Shout out to Ekua Bannerman-Richter & her team for a superb job well done, with participants coming from across the world to participate. More pictures here: AIM pictures


Sunday, October 13, 2013

They call (him) Burna Boy!

It has been an uber busy past few weeks. There have been events that I wanted to blog about, which I still will...posts that I need to catch you all up very soon. From the growth of the Mpwr Show, to Team 1000 words and the wonderful new and engaging website and attending proactive events such as the Accra International Marathon ....well and to random moments of bliss such as this... there is so much to share. Be prepared for a blitz of posts soon.

Burna Boy, for those who aren't on his music yet (check out: Burna Boy official site), we feature his music weekly on our PWR Mix segment of the radio show, came by Y FM's studio fresh from Nigeria for an interview. I had one of my cameras in the back of the trunk, whipped it out to get some celeb pictures in. I'm a fan for good afro fusion music and when it has reggae and jazzy nuances that pleasantly surprise, sign me up!

Burna Boy on the Dryve of Your Lyfe with Nana Kwame

Signed copy of Burna Boy's "Life" CD with DJ Champagne

In-studio session for Y 107.9 FM drops

Burna Boy & E. A. Gamor


Monday, August 26, 2013

Recap: Y FM Health Month & Blood Drive

One of the things I enjoy about my new job as a Business Development Executive is the ability to help steer the month's programing to spotlight issues that have meaning to our young audience. Y FM's Health Month in July was the perfect opportunity to drive awareness a critical issue in the country - healthy living and making proactive life decisions. By offering daily health tips, engaging discussions with professionals on-air about healthy living, it was an opportunity to make a difference on Ghana's radio airwaves.

In partnering with the Rotary club of Accra-Ridge, the Rotaract club of Adentan & the National Blood Service, we  were able to encourage our listeners to participate in the monthly blood drive at the Accra Mall. Akwasi Agyeman, one of the bosses at Global Media Alliance participated in the drive.

After the month's event/activation, I sent a message to the Y FM team and shared what the month's programing meant to me.

"This Health Month was personal, I recently lost my father to treatable, manageable diseases that involved making healthier lifestyle/food choices. I pray someone staff/listener is positively affected by information shared this month/blood donated. Thank you."

More pictures with other Y FM staff and +Mpwr ( show listeners who participated in the drive below:


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tech Report: iWeek, Leti Games & iSpace

We've been working on a top secret, not-so-secret pilot for a new show; and I've gotten a chance to attend a few exciting events concerning tech over the past few weeks.

Aunty Dorothy (Dorothy Gordon) hosted Innovation Week at Kofi Annan ICT center in Accra. The event was pretty decent and the overall goal of nurturing a framework for technologists to be efficient and thrive was met with the launch of Hackerspace.

Honorable Victoria Hammah, Deputy Minister of Communications

Attendees at the conference.

P.V. Obeng, Chairman KNUST council

Dr. Dorothy Gordon, Director - General, Kofi Annan ICT

Leti Games an amazing tech start-up out of the MEST Incubator in Accra, launched the Kwaku Ananse game series at the British Council.  Eyram Akofa Tawia shared the goals of the company to expand corporate branding for Ghanaian companies in games, similar to ad placement in popular EA Games jerseys for FIFA football/soccer games. Pictures below:

A new venue that supports creatives, techies and young professionals is iSpace. Fiifi Baidoo and his crew have the work space setup for group work, group meetings, space rentals and internet use. iSpace is in the same building as Hello Food by Oxford Street in Osu. The soft launch for us 'insiders' was an eye-opener to what iSpace will be offering both in terms of business & community engagement. Pictures below:


Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello (good) Food!

One of the things that I didn't think would be successfully replicated from my metropolitan DC life to Accra every day living was  fast, convenient food delivery. Especially one that was only a phone call away from my favorite restaurants food being sent to my doorstep. Until I found the perfect surprise! One afternoon, while craving for plantain and beans or red red, I decided to try out HelloFood's service for lunch.
HelloFood Office in Osu, Accra

I went online to their snazzy website and looked at the menu based on the local restaurant's proximity to my Y FM office at the Accra Mall. The website interface seemed pretty clear and the options were decent as I could order from East Legon, Kanda through Accra central with promise of delivery under an hour for most locations.

Online ordering service made easy

The delivery guy came through with smiles and decently anxious for my approval as he carried my meal in a polythene bag from Sweet Discovery Restaurant. After a confirmation call about my order, my meal came warm and decently packaged in under the 45 minutes that was advertised, no complaints there.

What I was a bit surprised about was how small the portions came up to considering the cost of my meal (minus delivery discount oh). I enjoyed my plantain and beans with chopped goat meat with relish and a week later, filled out the survey/response for Hello Foods service/Sweet Discovery's good food. Had a conversation with my pocket though, and at the reduced cost of 17.50 ghs (rounded it off to 20 ghs for buddy's tip) I would need a pay increase to patronize the service more. Without the delivery discount I would have been charged 24.50ghs...boss status.

When my salary/pay increase happens I'll be logging on to explore food options to be delivered, especially foods from restaurants I cannot easily gain access to at/from the mall.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Circle of Life - Burying Gamor Snr

A fortnight after the burial and I still don't know exactly where I'm at emotionally. Throwing myself at work, picking up projects I'm passionate about and trying to build on what I know my dad would be proud of.  They say time heals, I'll wait and see.

Close friends requested that I blog my ordeal from the last hospital visit to see my dad, through identifying his body & getting the death certificate signed at the morgue, to sprinkling sand on his casket as  I payed my last respects to Snr.  I don't know if I can recount the challenges of burying my father during these past few weeks - the entire experience is still difficult to process.
Nevertheless, my father's funeral in Ghana taught me a few lessons. 5 of the top ones, as well as pictures by kind courtesy of Timmy Adei | Team 1000 words, I can share:

1. Funerals are for the living, plan with money.
2. Funerals are our (Ghanaians/Africans) version of life insurance policy, attend with money.
3. A big man/woman's presence is usually most felt (especially by dependents) in his/her absence.
4. You can't please everybody, do the best you can, not an iota more.
5. Learn to forgive, especially when forgiving is the most difficult. Not for them, but for you.

To the man who taught me to be a man, even in his absence....

More pictures here: | Funeral brochure:


Monday, May 20, 2013

Legacy Lives On in Me

To the man who taught me to be a man and to lift my head up no matter the circumstance, even in his absence.

Everyone: Mr Gamor, How is it going?

Emmanuel K. Gamor (snr): I can't complain.

I haven't been able to take pictures, blog, or tap into my creative side. I'm praying after June 8th (my father's funeral) I'll get back to my positive, industrious self. And when the world asks....I wont have any complaints. #MosquitoClaps


Sunday, May 5, 2013

BarCamp Kasoa 2013 (In Pictures)

I got introduced to BarCamps in DC through Ato Ulzen-Appiah years ago. And I remember the first one I attended, BarCamp Diaspora, was pretty informative.  Last year's BarCamp Accra was my second. BarCamp was the first "un-conference" I had been to where an event was hosted by community leaders for all attendees to have the opportunity to also share/lead and facilitate within small groups. The idea that each person in attendance would have an opportunity, on an equal platform, to educate all present was a step further from innovative, motivational meetings with distinguished panelists. BarCamp Kasoa was held at the ICGC Transformation Center in Accra, on Saturday April 27th with the theme "Making an Enterprising Environment for an Emerging Market." Details of what went down late last month are featured in this extensive post on The Mighty African's Blog here: BarCamp Kasoa 2013


Monday, April 29, 2013

Rewind: Savvy Madam Networking

Once in a while there are events that I am forced to wait a while before I get to share, tell the story behind the pictures and the Savvy Madam event at Golden Tulip in January this year is one of them. Not that it is government secret and incredibly confidential but the post-event recap is still hush hush.

I am however, mighty proud of the founder of the Madam Network who put the event together. After business school I'm sure she has a lot in store for professional women who want to network and make an impact. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures which feature Deborah Vanessa and friends.