Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pele pele pe! Christmas Cheer

As  I kid had a fear-love relationship with folk in masquerade costumes. They would come by mom's house in Awodome - my grandfather, Mr Sawyer, always supported the end of year celebrations in Winneba so they made it a point to come by for donations - and I was really intimidated by them as a toddler. As I grew older, I began to love & appreciate their colorful costumes and elaborate masks as part of their jovial nature. It was amazing to watch the young lady go through my childhood experiences with masquerade costumes in 15 minutes. One of my all time favorite memories as I walked out of my house at Airport West in Accra Ghana. This is why itake photos.

Maybe we should train young sprinters by employing coaches in masquerade?

Azonto is a Ghanaian dance craze that's taken the continent by storm.
When curiosity trumps fear...

They even did the Azonto upside down.

Blowing this up as one of my fav pix from my lens in 2012

All's well that ends well.


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  2. What a treat. The little girl is delightful. Do the costumes have a special meaning at this time of year? Thank you for sharing.

  3. Miss Kathryn! Well yes they are masquerade and as a child I grew up following them at the Aboakyir festival in my mom's hometown. As to the specific meanings of the costumes, I don't know