Friday, September 24, 2010

Kua - and the mini miracle that happened

So I'm not a huge purse/accessory person (for obvious reasons) and when I discovered for a second year in a row that I had to come up with equally phenomenal gifts for my mother AND...wait for it, my girlfriend's birthdays on Sept 17th, I was almost in despair.

Two years in the game isn't long enough to be adept at hitting a home run when it comes to picking a birthday gift for two women who mean the world in your life. And though I had gotten away with flowers etc in the past, this year seemed to be a particularly more challenging in my attempt to switch things up a bit.

When Ruby Buah, creative genius behind kua designs, called me to cover a shop and mingle event in DC last week, I was cautiously elated. I have been a fan of the photography used to showcase her products on her website (purses on a clothesline, brilliantly African *check 2009 collection on her website*) and was pleased she wanted me to photograph her first DC event ever!

Though I had to cajole my mom that spending a few hours away from her on her birthday would be more than worth it. The purses I got for her, and ahem the girlfriend, did all the convincing!

Enough banter, to the female fans/bloggers: tell me if Ruby's purses don't make a very strong case to be purchased?


'Kesewaa' - apparently all the bags are affectionately named.


Nothing like the clothesline, but stacked the purses hold their own weight.


Angie happens to be an old long lost friend who I finally met at the event, and she loves her purses/ no particular order.


Ruby had African-print-inspired broaches as well.


An enthusiastic lady who immediately purchased a handful of purses as Ruby smiles on.

Hey, if people appreciated my lovely creations, as they did that evening, I'd be cheesing too! Check out more of the purses at