Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three Musketeers: All for one, one for All

Cheat sheet

So I had a chance to take pictures at my first baby naming ceremony. Not to be outdone by any subsequent ones, I gladly jumped on the opportunity to photograph my favorite triplets! I took a family picture of the kids a few weeks back and even discovered my little muse. [insert chuckle here]

To my amusement the siblings, names listed in the top picture, have quite the personality of their own. Though generally well-behaved, I can't wait to see what they would be like over the coming years as teenagers and young adults - very alike and yet incredibly different.


Janelle is the first of the three: Athos, if you will

John Jr

John Jr. bka Porthos


Josh, ahem Aramis

And lastly their older sister, who for comparison sake may play the role of D'Artagnan.

Boamah Family

Congrats again to the family...they sure make an awesome team.


  1. Babies are blessings (triple in this case)...

    P.S. I'm looking to take some professional shots...if you're in the DMV let me know if this is possible =)

  2. Yes Christina babies are indeed a blessing! I'll convey the info to the couple. Yes ma'am I'm in the DMV my cell is 571 435 4576, call me or contact me through my website