Monday, May 10, 2010

Making the band [video]

Crown Glory Video 00

I got a chance to take pictures of Kofi & Crown Glory, an award winning gospel group a few weeks back. It was a challenging shoot that started off at a church in Maryland

Crown Glory Video 01

The video production team, Motion Media, was completely in control of the lighting and I had to improvise as much as possible to compensate. I'm grateful the D80 is pretty decent with low light, wont complain when I can upgrade to a full body D3 series...sigh

Crown Glory Video

We left the church and changed venues to the National Harbor....that's when Kofi and the crew had the most fun. I was cracking up when I found out from Kofi himself, that his style(crown belt, shades, swagger and dances) was apparently borrowed from his 4 year old son.