Thursday, November 5, 2009

Angelique Kidjo @ Africare Dinner

Angelique Kidjo huging a fan

Angelique Kidjo a Grammy Award-winning Beninoise singer-songwriter interacting with a fan during her performance.

Angelique Kidjo

Angelique interacting with the crowd and getting the audience to croon to the hook of her song.

John Legend Applauds Angelique Kidjo

John Legend, bottom right, applauds Angelique Kidjo after her outstanding performance.

Angelique Kidjo's phenomenal performance at the Africare Bishop Walker Dinner to honor John Legend.
I intern with Africare a non-profit that serves 25 countries in Africa and the dinner is one of the end-of-year programs to honor outstanding contributors to Africa's cause. Of course the D80 came along, it would be a travesty for me not to have taken pictures!


  1. whoa.. adding celebrities to your portfolio, very cool =)

  2. You saw Angelique Kidjo?!?! That's awesome!