Monday, April 20, 2009

Indigenous Peoples




It's funny that the day after UF proposes budgets cut, where the 'worse possible scenario' may lead to eliminating funding for the Multicultural and Diversity Affairs, the Plaza of Americas is filled with culture & colors from Cree and Aztek/Mexika indigenous peoples. Keith Sharphead is Cree, originates from Alberta Canada; Juan Salinas (middle dancing) and Joana(Juan's daughter) are Aztek/Mexika from Mexico city and they participated in the 2nd annual cultural awareness demonstration on campus. I was blown away by the dancing and captivated by their clothes. It is more obvious to see the implication of budget cuts on places like the IBC or La Casita, Center for Service & Leadership or programs such as Gatorship, but this demonstration by beautiful people of an amazing culture may not have happened if the MCDA didn't have a hand in sponsoring it. Now that's another thing worth protesting about!

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  1. the picture of the young girl is SO MUCH more beautiful on the blog... really a great shot!