Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An immigrants Dream [act]

When I left my research methods class yesterday, I noticed students with 'undocumented?' posted on their shirts. To someone else that may have easily been lost in translation. But to any immigrant or student with family members who don't have American citizenship, one would feel almost compelled to stop and find what the placards and protests are about. Maria & Marcos are members of CHISPAS at UF and the were creating awareness for the Dream Act; to allow undocumented high school graduates temporary residency to study in college or join the military. To the many amongst us, including myself, who came to the United States as children and have the potential to thrive given the opportunity to attend college, the Dream Act seems like a basic human right. I only hope the country's leaders and Congress sees so too.

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  1. DREAM ACT? Why didn't anyone think of this before... its brilliant

    don't worry... I would have stopped at the sight of "undocumented" plastered on someone's shirt too... they could have also put "disenfranchised" "displaced" as well if you catch my drift